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Share the ride. Share the savings.

UberPool is Australia’s most affordable Uber ride. You save on UberPool because we match you with other riders heading in a similar direction.

UberPool is available in select Sydney and Melbourne suburbs. Check the Uber app to see if UberPool is available in your area.


Do something good for your city

Imagine a world where we all shared - not just the road, but the ride. That’s the idea behind UberPool: using what we already have to achieve sustainable solutions in our growing cities. Be a part of the movement to get more people in fewer cars.



What to expect along the way

  • Where is UberPool currently available?

    UberPool has initially launched in select Sydney suburbs. You can currently request UberPool trips in parts of metropolitan Sydney, which includes the suburbs highlighted in the map above.

    UberPool may be unavailable at times when demand for it is very low, for example, during the early hours of the morning. This is to ensure an optimal experience for everyone.

  • How long will I need to wait to be matched with other riders?

    The Uber app will take up to 2 minutes for your route to be matched with other nearby riders travelling in a similar direction.

  • How long will it take to pick up other riders?

    Sharing a ride may mean it takes a little longer to get where you need to be. That’s because waiting a few minutes up front to be matched with other riders, a short walk at either end and potentially picking up and dropping off other riders increases your overall trip time.

    Your estimated arrival time will be displayed and updated in the app as you ride. New riders will only be added to your trip if it doesn’t significantly impact your estimated arrival time.

  • Can I bring a friend?

    Yes, you can bring up to one other person with you on your UberPool trip, as long as they are going to the same destination. You can add this into the app while requesting. Remember: there is a limit of 2 riders per request, including you. If there are 2 of you riding together, you will be charged up to $2 more, which will be reflected in the price you are shown before you ride.

  • Is there a limit to how many people will be picked up on my trip?

    Riders can be picked up and dropped off throughout your trip, but new riders will only be added if it doesn’t significantly impact your estimated arrival time. To maximise comfort, the app will also stop adding riders to a trip once all seats are filled. You will pay the same discounted price whether or not you are matched with other rider.

  • Will I always be matched with another rider?

    No, not necessarily. The Uber app will take up to 2 minutes to look for the most efficient route to share, but if no other riders are found along your route, the upfront UberPool price you’ve been shown stays the same.

  • If I'm picked up first, will I be dropped off first?

    Pickup and dropoff order is determined by where your destination falls along the route. Because UberPool looks for the most efficient route for all the riders on a given trip, you may not be dropped off in the same order you were picked up.

  • Will there be room for my luggage?

    That depends on how many other riders are on the trip and what they bring with them. If you’re travelling with lots of bags or other items, we recommend you request a different ride, like uberX or uberXL.

  • Why do I need to walk to and from my pickup and dropoff points?

    To help make sure yourUberPool journey follows an efficient route, and to minimise the time spent on pickups and dropoffs, you may need to walk a short distance to your pickup point, and from your dropoff spot to your chosen destination.

  • What if I'm late to my pickup spot?

    The app will give you walking directions to your pickup spot. Once your driver has arrived to pick you up, they will wait for you for 2 minutes. After that, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

  • How far do I need to walk?

    With UberPool, you may need to walk up to 300 metres to a designated pick up and drop off spot near you. This helps to keep detours to a minimum and pickups faster for everyone. Follow the directions through the Uber app to your designated pick up spot. It’s a good idea to get there before your driver arrives so you don’t keep your fellow riders waiting.

  • Can I change the destination or detour?

    The Uber app looks to match your UberPool trip with other riders heading a similar way. This means once you begin the trip it isn’t possible for you to change the destination, add stops, or take a detour, so make sure you’re certain about where you’re headed before requesting.

  • How will I know the price of my UberPool journey?

    To see your UberPool trip price, open the app and enter your destination. If UberPool is available, you’ll see the upfront price for uberX and Uber Pool side by side.

  • Will I always pay the upfront price?

    You will almost always pay the upfront price. There are some limited situations where you won’t, such as where the journey takes a lot longer than estimated due to traffic or other factors. In these circumstances, you’ll pay the time and distance and other rates applicable in your city and set out here. You’ll be notified of this immediately after your trip.