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Uber Eats Adelaide

Different vehicle options at different prices; here's how earnings work for Uber Eats.


The Uber Eats delivery fee is calculated using a drop-off fee, pick-up fee, and a fee per kilometre for the estimated fastest route from pick-up to drop-off for that delivery. The Uber Service Fee applies to the delivery fee. The amounts shown below are before the Uber Service Fee has been deducted.

  • Pick-up fee: $6.10 per pick-up
  • Drop-off fee: $2.90 per drop-off
  • Delivery distance: $0.95 per km

Multiple orders

It is possible to drop-off multiple orders from the same restaurant. This means you will receive the following:

  • A single pick-up fee
  • Delivery distance amount based on the estimated fastest route from pick-up to the final drop-off for that delivery
  • A drop-off fee for each order delivered.

Service fees

Delivery fees are subject to the Uber Service Fee shown below.

  • Bicycle: 35%
  • Motorbike or scooter: 30%
  • Car: 30%

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