#WHYIDRIVE: Celebrating Six Star Mums this Mother’s Day

May 10, 2018 / Australia

Each day, mums and mother-figures across Australia and New Zealand work tirelessly to make a difference through their families and communities. This Mother’s Day, we celebrate these women by sharing stories of mums who drive with Uber to make a change.

Meet Mehnaz

“Raising a family is a non-stop job. My children are the magic of my life, but I sometimes need a break from all the energy. Driving does that for me. It’s my time to refresh, to just be myself and recharge.”

Meet Mehnaz

Mehnaz is originally from Fiji and has been living in Wellington for almost two decades. As a mother to four children, she juggles a busy routine of school pick-ups, family activities, and caring for her kids when they fall ill.

Meet Marlyn

“I love driving, have done so all my life. In Europe I would drive from one country to the other without a second thought. When I first started driving with Uber it was for some income, but it turned out to be such a freedom, not having to be stuck in an office.”

Meet Marlyn

Marlyn is an accountant, Quality Management trainer, and a meditation teacher who lives in Auckland with her two grown daughters. Born in Suriname, she lived in the Netherlands for 25 years before moving to New Zealand 15 years ago. She had never heard of Uber before she signed up to drive, and since then, she’s made some extra cash driving in her spare time.

Meet Mel

“My son and I had our lives changed because of Uber. With the earnings, I was able to complete my beauty therapy course and provide for both of us.”

Mel is a single mum whose long-term dream is to be a beauty therapist and hairdresser. She began driving with Uber to pay for her beauty therapy course, and in early 2017, she and her son moved to Melbourne so she could pursue her passion for hairdressing.

Meet Ravjot

“My husband and I moved to Australia in 2008. It was hard. We waited three years for permanent residency so our kids could join us. With Uber, we get to choose our hours and spend time with our family.”

Meet Ravjot

Ravjot is a mother of two who migrated from India to Australia.
She used to be a pastry and Indian curry chef, before making the switch to driving with Uber. Since then, she’s felt more relaxed and confident, and because her husband also drives with Uber, they’re able to choose their hours so they could spend more time with their children.

Meet Helen

“I moved to the Gold Coast to be closer to family. Instead of visiting once a year, I’m seeing my children and grandchildren live their lives.”

A couple of years ago, Helen relocated to the Gold Coast with her husband to be closer to her children and grandchildren. While shopping one day, she was handed a flyer with information about driving with Uber. She was on a work break at the time, so the idea of a setting her own hours sounded appealing. Helen picked up her first Uber rider on New Years Eve 2016, and has been driving ever since.

Meet Maya

“I started Uber when my daughter needed an operation. Once you have kids, that’s the only thing you end up worrying about. Now I’m feeling pretty relaxed and have more time to spend with my kids.”

Meet Maya

Maya was born in Indonesia and grew up in Perth with her adopted parents. Having lived in Perth all her life, she calls the city home and loves the lifestyle. She has a daughter and son in their 20s, and three pets, who she calls her ‘fur babies’ — she values them more than anything else in her life, and she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whether they’re riding home in time for bedtime stories or providing safe rides in our cities to support their family – we want to say Happy Mother’s Day to Six Star Moms everywhere.