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New Year’s Eve 2019: Your ride guide

December 20, 2019 / Australia

No matter where you choose to ring in the New Year, ride with Uber and follow these tips to make your night go right.

Check your ride, every time

Look at your app and follow these three easy steps to make sure you’re stepping into the right vehicle this New Year’s Eve:

  1. Match the licence plate number
  2. Match the car make and model
  3. Match the driver’s photo

Respect your driver

We want every ride to be a safe and respectful experience for you and your driver. Remember, rider ratings count, so don’t let yours drop on New Year’s Eve. Visit our Community Guidelines to find out how to make every interaction a five-star experience.

Be responsible when you’re drinking

Remember it’s illegal to bring an open alcohol container inside your ride, so keep a lid on it until you get to your New Year’s celebrations. If your stomach takes a turn on the home stretch, give your driver plenty of time to pull up – because if you avoid the mess, you’ll avoid the cleaning fee.

Share your trip

With the updated Share My Trip feature, your loved ones can see your live location this New Year’s Eve. They can even view trip details and follow your route.

Safety Toolkit

If you feel unsafe, or need emergency assistance, you can access the Safety Toolkit at any time during your ride by tapping on the blue shield.

Be aware of busy times

In the past, demand for rides on New Years Eve has started to increase:
– From 7pm

New Years Eve peak times are:
– Between 12am and 4am.

Prices are likely to be high during the busiest times, and it’s always been to plan ahead.

Have a fun and safe New Year’s Eve and we’ll see you in 2020.