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Victor’s Story: Primary Teacher and Uber Driver Partner.

May 14, 2019 / Australia

Meet Victor.

Victor is a K-6 primary school teacher who describes his teaching style as ‘a little quirky’. Victor loves to bring joy and laughter into his classroom, but insists he can be firm when he needs to be.

“I got into teaching because I had such fond memories of my days at primary school. That, as well as making a difference in society by educating the leaders of tomorrow.”

VIctor works as a casual music and drama teacher – two subjects he is passionate about outside of school as well.

“I’ve done a fair bit of performing arts – singing in choirs and performing in amateur musicals. These are passions of mine, so getting to teach skills in these areas makes my job at school even more enjoyable.”

And his love for performing has been known to come out during his Uber trips too.

“I’ve definitely had some memorable sing-a-longs with my Uber riders along the way.”

Victor started driving with Uber in February 2015, after returning from a 6 month overseas trip and looking to pay off his travel debts quickly. As his casual teaching work started to pick-up, he decided to continue driving as a financial back-up.

“There isn’t usually a lot of casual work for teachers at the beginning of the year. Uber helps put my mind at rest that if my hours do get cut down, I know I have a back-up to help pay my rent and bills. I also love how flexible Uber is.”

“Working as a teacher is a busy and time-consuming job, but on weekends or school holidays when the work-load is less, I can just switch on the Uber app and go out and make some money.”

— Victor, Uber Sydney Partner

Victor is a people person and loves crossing paths and sharing stories with as many people as possible.

“Between the classroom and driving with Uber, I often feel like a counsellor or confidant. I definitely get to have a lot of interesting conversations with people from all walks of life. “