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Cieavash’s Story: Musician and Uber Driver-Partner

May 14, 2019 / Australia

Meet Cieavash.

Cieavash has dedicated more than 40 years of his life to music.

“I can’t really call myself a musician because I didn’t really study music. I’ve just played from childhood going by my ears, so I feel embarrassed when I say I’m a musician.”

Cieavash is a self-taught professional musician and plays several traditional instruments including the Kamanche (a traditional Persian instrument), Barbat, Nay, Tar, Divan, Flute, Accordion, and the Daff.

“The feeling that I get from music – it relaxes me. It takes me to a different world, which is not here. Back in Iran, when I escaped, it was really hard to play music. We used to go in a room, close the doors so that nobody could hear me playing music.”

“It really changed my life. I was unemployed, really desperate, and stressed. And now, I’ve got my self esteem back and I feel a part of society. At my age, it’s pretty hard to find a job.”
— Cieavash, Uber Brisbane Partner

Cieavash arrived in Australia as a humanitarian refugee in 1988. His inspiring life story was crafted into a theatrical production by Michael Futcher and Helen Howard, titled A Beautiful Life and has been performed in theatres across Australia and New Zealand.

“When I came to Australia, I was convinced that it was heaven on Earth.”

However, after years of studying and 15 years of owning his own small business, Cieavash found himself desperate and unemployed. Then a friend introduced him to Uber.

“I drove for a couple of days and just fell in love. I feel indebted to this society and the people, because they helped me a lot when I first came here. With Uber, I can make my riders happy and that makes me happy, as I feel like I’m giving back to society.”

Cieavash especially enjoys the flexibility that Uber provides. 

“It’s beautiful because I can have time for my music and for anything else. Whenever I want I can just turn the app off and go and do my other things. And as soon as I want to get back to Uber again I turn it on.”

Cieavash has completed over 4000 trips since he started driving with Uber. When he’s not on the road, he continues to perform around Queensland and to “make himself crazy” to entertain his grandchildren William (4) and Arya (2).