The best Adelaide beaches to visit this summer

January 31, 2018 / Adelaide

Glenelg Beach
Adelaide’s most popular city beach has a seaside village vibe. With calm waters, it’s family friendly. Check out the historic shops and cafes of jetty road, or grab an ice cream and take a walk on the beach.

Henley Beach
North of Glenelg is the smaller beach of Henley, with its picturesque jetty and pedestrian and dog-friendly cycling path. There are also great cafes right on the beach, with stunning views.

West Beach
Set between Henley and Glenelg beaches is West Beach, a pristine quiet beach with a children’s playground, backed by a winding esplanade.

Christies Beach
Head south and enjoy the wide (and less crowded) Christies Beach, perfect for swimming, surfing, bodyboarding or just having a bit of a paddle. Christies is a popular beach for a day trip or city break.

Aldinga Beach
Head further south and you’ll come to Aldinga Beach, a unique beach where you can drive and park right on the sand. Aldinga is visually stunning and generally less crowded than Adelaide’s other beaches.

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