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uberX hits 10 million rides in Australia!

October 22, 2015 / Australia

Since we launched in May 2014, Aussies from across the country have chosen uberX as an alternative way to get from A to B in their city.

Today, we are proud to be celebrating 10 million uberX rides in Australia, an incredible reflection of the way in which Aussies have embraced ridesharing as a safe, reliable and affordable way to move around their cities.

As part of our mission to make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone, we’ve made significant progress in making this a reality for residents of 7 cities in Australia.

-The average uberX ride arrives in 4.4mins-

Now uberX riders see an available car nine out of every ten times they open the app, with the vast majority of the 10 million uberX rides taken in Australia arriving in under 5 mins.

-uberX rides are up to 40% more affordable than comparable forms of transport-

Ridesharing hasn’t just changed the way people move around their city, with a ride available at the touch of a button, it has also made point to point transport more affordable, for more Australians.

Opening up options for underserved communities

More reliable and affordable rides have had a significant impact on the lives of communities who reside in a ‘transport desert’ (an area more than 1km from medium frequency public transport) or those with impaired mobility.

-64% of uberX rides in Australia began or ended in a transport desert-

In areas underserved by public transport, Uber provides a reliable and fast connection that feeds commuters into, and effectively expands the reach of, existing public transport networks.  This has had the effect of making entire suburbs more accessible, as commuters use uberX to reach train, tram and bus stations.

With prices up to 40% cheaper than comparable forms of transport, these residents can now access additional transportation options, increasing their mobility and their ability to participate more fully in the social and economic life of their city.

Sydney PTD map

Sydney locals like Daniel are increasingly relying on Uber to get to and from the CBD and around the southern beaches.

“A return trip from Maroubra to the city and back on Uber is cheaper than driving and paying for parking.” – Daniel, Sydney uberX rider


While Melbourne locals like Lawrence use uberX to speed up the first and last legs of his daily commute.

“I’ve cut my commute time in half by using uberX to take me to and from my local train station, and by sharing a ride with my housemate I’m even saving money too!”Lawrence, Melbourne uberX rider

-UberASSIST partners account for 10% of supply hours-

Since we introduced UberASSIST for riders with impaired mobility, UberASSIST partners have spent 100,000 hours on the road providing safe and affordable rides to those in need of assistance.

With an average arrival time of 7 mins, UberASSIST provides a reliable transport option for riders who have traditionally been underserved by transport providers.

“New forms of point to point transport, such as ridesharing services, have the potential to improve transport access for people with disability and older people.” – Council of Social Services

Opening up our cities to visitors

The popularity of ridesharing is also helping to power Australia’s tourism economy by making reliable and affordable rides more accessible to the 7 million international tourists who visit us each year.

In fact, overseas visitors now account for between 8%-18% of uberX riders across our Australian cities.


The growth of ridesharing ensures that these visitors have a familiar and safe way to get around at their fingertips. As with local riders, Uber assures tourists that they will be able to reliably find a ride back from whichever corner of the city they choose to explore. Tourists can use uberX to venture out from the CBD, visiting a broader and more diverse range of suburbs and supporting the local businesses.

Making our streets safer

Aussies are also using uberX more and more as an alternative to drunk driving, with our data showing that many rides are requested late at night, around the times bars and clubs close.

-1 million safe rides home from popular nightspots after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights-

When getting a safe ride home at the end of the night becomes as simple as opening the Uber app and tapping a button, riders like Ray make the responsible choice.

“Since my friends and I started using Uber, getting a ride home after a night out is literally as easy as a quick swipe and tap on our phones. I don’t even think about how we’re getting home anymore, Uber means we always have a safe and reliable option at our fingertips.” – Ray, Brisbane uberX rider

Here’s to another 10 million safe, affordable and reliable rides.

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