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Solving common Uber issues

July 1, 2019 / United Arab Emirates

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The Uber app is designed to be as simple and user-friendly as possible, but we understand that you might still run into problems from time-to-time. Whilst you can always get in contact with us, we decided to create an Uber FAQ of the most common issues Uber riders encounter on our platform.

Can’t log in to your Uber account?

If you’re struggling to log into your Uber account or can’t remember your password, it’s easy to reset it. Simply head to the log-in page and select “Forgot password?” Type in your email, and you’ll receive an email link to reset your password. 

Tried that and still having trouble? You can contact us to recover your account directly through the help site if you’re unable to reset your password. We’ll need to verify some details to ensure that it’s you before we recover and reconnect you with your account.

Can’t request an Uber ride?

One reported Uber issue is being unable to request a ride – there are few reasons why this might be happening, including:

You can find more information on any problems with logging in or ride requests on our help pages.

Ride cancellation charges

Change your mind on a ride? You can always cancel a ride after requesting, but you may be subject to a cancellation fee to compensate the driver for lost time. This will be the case if: 

  • You cancel the ride shortly after the driver accepts the trip
  • Your driver cancels after waiting for you at the pickup location for some time

It’s easy to check if you’ve been charged for a trip cancellation. Just open the menu and tap “Your Trips”. Head to “Past” trips, select the cancelled trip and tap “Receipt” – if you were charged, it will show on your receipt, if not, the trip fare will be 0.

Have you been charged for a cancellation fee mistakenly? Let us know the details of the trip cancellation so we can resolve the issue.

Unrecognized charges

An unrecognized charge will usually have an explanation: it might be the result of an authorization hold, or maybe you were charged a cancellation fee you weren’t expecting. Perhaps a friend of family member has taken on a ride on your account. 

If you are unable to trace where a charge on your account has come from, then please get in touch with us to review the charge. If you’re worried about your account being compromised, then check out our advice on securing your Uber account.

Next time you’re unable to get into your account or are dealing with a cancellation fee, check this guide for a quick fix to any Uber issues you’re having. For any other problems you encounter using our service, you can head to our help pages for advice and to get in contact with us to resolve them directly.