Keeping your Uber account safe and secure

October 29, 2018 / Dubai

In the modern world, online security is a big topic of discussion. We have accounts on all kinds of different platforms, from ride-hailing, like Uber, to shopping and banking. Much of the information stored online is sensitive and users worry about it being breached. Uber’s security is an important part of the service’s success, so you can take a few steps to ensure the information on your Uber account stays .

Why and when to change your password

There are many measures in place to protect your account and keep your information safe, but something you can do to add an extra layer of security is change your password regularly. There are certain cases in which you should change your Uber password anyway, such as if unusual activity appears on your account. If you ever see a trip that doesn’t look right, you should immediately report it to us, change your password and delete your credit card details from the app. You can re-enter them once your new password has been set and we’ve ensured your account is secure.

How to change your password

Changing your Uber password is a simple process, whether you’re worried about your account’s security or just haven’t changed it in a while. From the Uber app, just open the menu bar, tap “Settings” and then “Account Settings.” Tap on your details at the top and you can access the option to enter a new password. If you can’t access your account for any reason, you can select the Forgot Password option to reset it. If you have any further security concerns or aren’t sure what to do, don’t panic—there are plenty of resources on both the app and Uber website to help sort things out.

Keep your information updated

Your personal details on Uber need to be updated every time you get a new phone number or email address. Uber uses these for security when you reset your password, so keeping them updated will ensure you can resolve any security problems with your Uber account, as well as maintain proper functionality while using the app.

General Uber security

There are some general safety precautions that apply not only to your Uber account, but to online privacy and security as a whole. It’s important to keep your passwords private and not let anyone know the login details of your account or device. And don’t allow your device to accept different fingerprints. Be constantly aware of the websites you’re surfing. If it isn’t an official website and looks questionable in any way, don’t enter your account login or any personal information.


Uber stores your personal information in the app to make the experience better and easier for you. If you’re ever curious as to how our privacy policy works, you can find the information online. It saves you time and allows for a smooth ride. But just make sure that you follow our tips for a secure Uber account and you’ll be able to enjoy the service to its fullest.