Expo 2020 Dubai

September 30, 2021 / United Arab Emirates

The big event is almost here, which means that millions of visitors will flock to the venue to experience the best art, culture, science, innovation, and invention. Expo 2020 Dubai will run over a period of 6 months—from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.

The event is organized into 3 pavilions/staging areas – Sustainability, Mobility and Opportunity – where visitors can be picked up and dropped off.

We are anticipating a lot of trip requests through the Uber App during this event, and want to give you information that can help you have a successful 6 months on the road to Expo should you be driving using the Uber App. 

What to expect?

Base Fare Increase

In line with RTA requirements, recommended fares are being increased only for trips from the Expo site during the 6 month Expo period. Product-specific increases are set out  below for reference:

New base fare for trips from Expo – for Uber Select: AED 21.00

All other recommended pricing components will remain the same. Please note that this is the only pricing change being made in accordance with the RTA’s requirements. We previously communicated that a rider surcharge is being added to trips from the Expo – that is no longer in effect and will be replaced by the above base fare increase for trips from the Expo site, applicable during the 6 month Expo period, and in accordance with the RTA’s instructions. Drivers using the Uber App could make use of this opportunity to increase their earnings during Expo 2020.

Complimentary EXPO 2020 DUBAI Ticket  

Expo 2020 is offering all drivers using the Uber App 1 free complimentary seasonal ticket valid for the 6 month duration of the EXPO 2020. Please find below additional guidelines provided by EXPO 2020 and an EXPO teaser that they’ve prepared for reference:

  • To retrieve the EXPO 2020 ticket, just head to the ticketing office at the Expo 2020 gates and present your Uber in-app profile 
  • Once EXPO 2020 provides you with the ticket, it must be activated and used at least once during the month of October for it to be valid 

Vehicle Sticker

RTA has directed all  drivers using e-hailing Apps (like the Uber App) to display a sticker on their vehicle for all trips taken to and from the Expo 2020 site. As per the RTA’s instructions , the vehicle sticker must be displayed on the top-right corner of the front windscreen.

The sticker can be collected from the Careem Captain Support Center at Showroom Number 3, Ground Floor, Shatha Tower, Dubai Media City.

Please note that, as per RTA’s instructions,  drivers using the Uber App will not be able to enter the Expo 2020 venue without the RTA sticker displayed on the front screen of their vehicle.

Pickups and Dropoffs

Expo 2020 has provided dedicated pickup/dropoff lanes for Uber App users to make getting riders to and from the event as seamless as possible. 

Dedicated pickup/dropoff lanes for Uber are established at each of the 3 pavilions/staging areas (Sustainability, Mobility, Opportunity), located just outside the Exhibition Boulevard (Google Map links are provided below for your convenience):

As you bring riders to and from the Expo, you will see signs that will point you in the right pick up, drop off, or waiting direction.

As per the RTA’s requirements, drivers that are using the UberApp must only queue in the Uber dedicated pick-up and drop-off lanes. Therefore, once drivers are in one of the 3 staging areas, they will be entered into a queue and directed into the Uber dedicated lanes with the help of the Uber App and on-ground marshals. 

When navigating to the staging areas or Uber lanes, we recommend using the Uber Driver App navigation for the most up-to-date road closure and routing information. Visiting the Expo site ahead of time to familiarize yourselves with the venue may be helpful.

Please refer to the below map, prepared and provided by EXPO 2020 for further details on the various pavilions which may be helpful if riders ask you questions regarding directions.

PIN Dispatch

For the Expo, and as per the RTA’s requirements, we are also launching an exciting new pickup process, called Pin Dispatch, designed to help you provide safe and efficient rides to visitors. This process will only be available at the Expo, and for Uber Select, Uber XL and Uber Black only.  

This process will mean that pick-ups and pick-up requests at the Expo will be different than usual over the Uber App.

To receive trip requests using Pin Dispatch, simply follow these instructions upon arrival at one of the Expo 2020 staging areas: 

  • The Uber App will guide you to the staging area you prefer

  • Wait until you receive a pickup notification, and then go to the designated pickup zone.

  • Once it’s your turn, you can pull forward into the Uber designated queuing lane.

  • You will receive a pop-up asking you to submit a pin code, upon arrival at Uber dedicated pickup lane

  • A rider will then approach your vehicle and you can ask them to provide you with the 6-digit code (PIN) appearing on their Uber App to confirm the trip. 
  • Open the Uber Driver App and tap the “Enter Code” button to enter the PIN that the rider gave you.

  • Once the rider’s name appears on your Driver App, you can then start the trip to get your riders to their destination.

This new feature is available only at the Expo 2020 site for Uber Select, Uber XL and Uber Black. Please make sure that you are in the appropriate zone in the pick up lane for the product you requested.

Expected Demand

Daily demand for rides through the Uber App is expected to vary throughout the hours of the day and the days of the week. Refer to the schedule below for expected demand from Expo 2020 during different hours of a day (darker color means that demand is expected to be high during those hours), during both weekdays and weekends.


If you need help with any issues with the Uber App, you can contact us 24/7 by using Uber in-app support.

Safety on the road

While on the road in Dubai, you may want to keep these tips in mind:

– When using Pin-Dispatch, and once you enter your rider’s PIN code into your Driver App, you may want to confirm your rider’s name and destination before you start driving.

– 2-way ratings: Your feedback matters, so rating your riders is important. Low-rated trips are logged, and users may be removed to protect the Uber community.