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Introducing Hourly Driver

June 27 / United Arab Emirates

With riders currently looking for ways to get their essential travel done and to give you more ways to grow your business, we’re trialling a new ride option called Hourly Driver that lets a rider book a ride for an hour or more, for a minimum hourly amount. 

You are eligible because of your experience and great rider ratings, and you’ll automatically start receiving Hourly Driver trip requests starting [30/06/2021].

After accepting an Hourly Driver request, you can use the in-app messaging to chat with your rider about the approximate length of their trip.

This new feature is to give you more options to earn when using the Driver app and putting you in more control of the trips you take. If you don’t want to receive Hourly Driver requests, you can opt out any time in the Driving Preferences section of your app.

How Hourly Driver works;

Accepting trips

You’ll see that it is an Hourly Driver trip on your request screen. If you cancel, you can do so without affecting your Uber Pro status.

Making stops

Requestors will be able to edit their destination to make multiple stops as the trip goes on, ending with a dropoff point.

Earning with Hourly Driver

A trip with Hourly Driver will be priced at 100 AED for the first hour, and then 0.804 AED per minute thereafter.

Note: Driving for extensive periods increases the risk of incidents related to fatigue. For this reason, Hourly Driver rides can be booked for a maximum of 8 hours.