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Mothers and fathers. Teachers and students. Artists and athletes. Uber driver-partners come from all walks of life. Whether they drive with Uber to support their passion, or just to earn extra cash in their spare time, meet Uber partners from around the world and learn what moves them.

Featured Student Reviews

Dianne: App Developer, Dreamer, Driver

Dianne's a Chicago native, born and raised in the city's Hyde Park and Beverly neighborhoods. She's a social butterfly yet extremely family-oriented.

”Every day is different. Always. There's always someone different stepping into your car, and you meet new people every day.”

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Jose: Marine Biology Student

Jose moved to Los Angeles from Mexico to be closer to his family and seek new opportunities. He found this in Uber and signed up. Now, he can pay his bills, help his family, and study marine biology.

“I had to find an opportunity that would give me the flexibility and support to attend school full-time”

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Randy: Student and Painter

Originally a LA native. Randy grew up in Minnesota, Mexico and several different LA neighbohoods.

"The major thing is the flexibility. I can work in the morning, log off, and then have the whole afternoon to focus on art.”

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Yoseph: Student, Immigrant, Driver Partner

Born in Ethiopia, Yoseph moved to America four years ago to pursue his dreams and is now a resident in New Haven, Conneticut. Yoseph is currently taking 5 classes during the week. After his class on Friday morning, he then hops in his car and starts driving on the Uber platform

"Flexibility is important when you’re in school."

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Featured Artist Reviews

Sean: Music Maker, Dream chaser

Sean is a classical concert artist manager in LA. As a musician himself, Sean has a deep understanding of a musician’s creative process and a passion for the perfect pitch.

”With Uber, I’m able to realize my goals. I’m able to pursue my dreams. I’m able to stay focused on sharing amazing musical experiences with the world.”

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Todd: Actor, Comedian, Driver-Partner

He moved from Texas to Los Angeles three years ago to pursue an acting career. But he’s not just an actor—he’s also a stand-up comedian.

“Uber gives me freedom in my schedule. I can find time to stand-up, go to shows. It’s all about networking, hanging out at the comedy clubs, and things like that.”

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Amanda: Poet, Entertainer, Networker

She joined a poetry club in college, and quickly realized she loves engaging with her audience. After years of practice at open mics, now she’s a spoken word poet.

"I’d love to have my own talk show one day. Right now, Uber is a great option for me to earn money while I am exploring what I want to do creatively.”

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Loren: Artist, Seattle School Bus Driver, Adventurer

Loren is an energetic 61 year old school bus driver and artist who can “paint just about anything inspires us to do remarkable things.”

"If you like people and you like to drive and you want to make a lot of money and you want to keep your own time and have fun, this is the job for you."

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Featured Small Business Owner Reviews

Rene: Bike Enthusiast, Small Business Owner, San Diegan

Meet Rene. His dream became a reality with the opening of a bike & skate shop called The Chain.

”The ability to make money in my spare time, outside my business, is such an incredible opportunity. On top of that, I have met dozens of incredible people who have given me great advice on my business.”

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Caitlin: Blogger, Small Business Owner, Fitness Enthusiast

Caitlin is the owner and founder of fitGevity, a brand of resistance bands that benefits exercise enthusiasts who love to travel.

“Since fitGevity is dedicated to travel fitness, it’s important that I be able to travel and not be held back by vacation time or getting shifts covered. Driving with Uber fits in well with running my business by allowing me to have flexible scheduling. ”

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Denise: Chemist, Beauty Line Creator

Denise is the creative mind behind Nolie Love, a skincare and cosmetic company made for women.

"I enjoy driving with Uber because it allows me to still connect and chat with my riders. It’s great for me because I work non-traditional hours and Uber allows me the flexibility to support my businesses.”

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Tristan: Father, Business Owner, Camping Enthusiast

A coffee enthusiast since high school, Tristan turned his daily coffee habit into a job. When he’s not busy with his business, he spends his free time with his family.

Starting and running your own business is no small feat, so Tristan started driving with Uber to help with his bills. One of the main reasons he drives is so he can work around new client’s schedules instead of them working around his.

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Featured Parent Reviews

Evan: Father, grandparent, golfer, LA native

A proud father of 3, Evan supplemented his management income with Uber earnings by driving on the weekends and evenings.

”One day a week I play golf with my son. It’s been amazing to be able to watch my grandchildren when I want, which is something I’d never been able to do at my old job.”

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Christine's: Mother, Family Marketer

Christine is a rockstar mom who drives to balance marketing for the family business and cheering on her son at baseball games.

“I really love when I can get my passengers to their destinations safely. This assures me that I’m doing something good.”

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Katrina: Mother, Former Marketing Director

Ten years ago she left the corporate world of marketing to raise her family. With her son now in his last year of high school, she has found herself with free time on her hands to enjoy the city of Seattle as a driver-partner

"I wanted something where I could meet new people and get out of the house. Uber has helped with both of those things.”

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Monique's: Teacher, Mother, New Orleans Native

With 12 years of teaching experience under her belt, Monique’s true passion for teaching is grounded in helping to empower her students to excel.

"What job can you do that if your kid is sick, you don’t have to worry about calling in? You set your own hours, set your own goals."

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