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Supporting cities

We’re working to make cities cleaner and easier to get around—for everyone—by having more people in fewer cars and extending the reach of public transportation.

Partnering with transit systems

Helping to solve first- and last-mile problems

Uber is using data to extend the reach of public transportation and help urban planners keep cities moving into the future.

Ridesharing can fill gaps in our transit systems

Riders may use Uber to request a ride between 10pm and 4am, when public transit runs less frequently or is unavailable.

Integrating transit options in our app

We're making everyday commutes easier by teaming up with transit apps around the world to give you more options for how to get home, to the office, and everywhere in between.

Two-thirds of Uber trips in Paris start or end near Métro stations, suggesting how well public transport and Uber complement each other., May 2017

Reimagined spaces

Less traffic, happier cities

Imagine fewer cars and more space for schools, gardens, and parks. We have an enormous opportunity to make our cities more livable, vibrant, and affordable.

Uber is a proud Park(ing) Day participant

Hundreds of cities around the world get together for Park(ing) Day to encourage their residents to help temporarily transform parking spaces to serve a public purpose—like a theater, game zone, playground, and more. Check out the spaces Uber helped transform.

The average car remains parked 95% of the time. That’s why we’re partnering with organizations across the globe like Park(ing) Day to find ways to reclaim some of this lost space.

Fortune, March 2016

Uber Movement

Better data can mean better planning

Uber Movement provides data from over 2 billion trips to urban planners around the world. That critical data gives them more tools than ever to plan the cities of the future.

“We don’t manage streets. We don’t plan infrastructure. So why have this stuff bottled up when it can provide immense value to the cities we’re working in?”

Andrew Salzberg, Head of Transportation Policy and Research, Uber

Uber can deliver a constant stream of travel data

We partner with cities to respond to traffic emergencies, anticipate transportation needs, and improve policies, so that drivers and riders can breathe a little easier.