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Opportunity for all

We’re bringing more ways to earn and move to a broad population of underserved people. Whether they’re unemployed, underemployed, seniors, people with disabilities, or just someone who needs flexibility, we empower people to get moving—on their terms.

Underemployed and unemployed

More economic empowerment and opportunities

Uber makes it easy to get on the road and start earning. With technology in the Uber app that lets you plan your day and navigate to opportunities, you can be your own boss.

Drive when you want

As an Uber driver-partner, you can drive as much—or as little—as you choose. So people who want or need to earn some extra income can fit it into their lives.

Getting unemployed people back to work

During the first half of 2016, 25% of new earning opportunities in the Paris area came from transportation platforms like Uber.

Uber Under the Hood on Medium, December 28, 2016

Uber gives people the freedom to earn on their own schedule: almost two-thirds of drivers in the US spend 10 or fewer hours a week with the app.

Uber Under the Hood on Medium, November 21, 2016

Fresh chances

More opportunities and options

Most people just want to make an honest day’s living, but far too often barriers prevent people from accessing work. At Uber, we keep an open mind so that we can remove those barriers and change lives for those who need it most.

Breaking down barriers

We strive to have a screening process that is thorough, fair, and relevant to the work at hand. Before a person is allowed to drive with Uber, he or she must undergo a stringent screening process that includes a driving and criminal history check. That’s why we’ve always used county court records, even checking them physically in person if needed, to ensure that we receive the most accurate information available about whether a person was found guilty or exonerated for a crime, as opposed to other methods that rely on arrest records that don’t always include final dispositions.

More than 70 million Americans have criminal records. How can we help them succeed?

Some employers have a check box on their applications asking if potential employees have a criminal record. Uber doesn’t. For our corporate employees, we’ve banned the box since our inception, and we encourage other companies to do the same.


Accessibility matters

The Uber app offers accessibility features including the ability to track rides, send text alerts, and request specially equipped vehicles and drivers for your needs.

There’s an Uber for everyone

We’re piloting uberWAV in cities across the US to find the best accessible vehicle options for both riders and drivers.

Opportunities for people who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

There are now thousands of Deaf and Hard of Hearing driver-partners. In the US, they have collectively earned millions of dollars—all by helping people get around in their communities.

Accessibility at Uber, updated March 16, 2018


Giving seniors greater access

We’re working hard to give seniors access to better transportation options, with or without a smartphone.

Need a ride for an older loved one? Use Uber.

We’ve redesigned our app to let people request rides on behalf of others, like seniors in need of assistance.

Uber Central is partnering with local senior centers

Senior centers across the country now provide better transportation service to their residents through our specialized app, Uber Central.