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Prioritizing safety while driving with Uber

From picking up the right rider to knowing when to call for assistance, here are ways to help make every trip stress-free.

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Consejos de seguridad para Socios Conductores

We build our technology with your safety in mind. But actions you might take can also help protect yourself. We consulted with law enforcement to create these tips to help you stay safe while driving with Uber.

1. Verifying your rider

Riders are asked to find you by checking that your license plate, the make and model of your car, and your photo match what’s shown in their app. You can also feel free to ask riders to confirm your name before entering your vehicle.

2. Staying focused on driving

You can help keep roads safe by staying alert, keeping your eyes on the road, and resting when needed to prevent drowsy driving. Remember: texting while driving is illegal in most states and countries. Some drivers use a mount to position their phone in a place where they can easily see it, to help reduce dangerous distractions. In some cities, laws require them.

3. Protecting your personal information

Usamos tecnología que anonimiza tu número de teléfono cuando llamas o envías un mensaje al pasajero a través de la app, para que no vea tu número personal.*

4. Encouraging back-seat riders

You can consider inviting riders who are traveling solo to sit in the back seat. This allows them to safely exit from either side of the vehicle to avoid traffic and also gives you both some personal space.

5. Spreading the word to buckle up

In many places, seat belt use is required by law, for both drivers and riders. It’s also the most effective way to save lives and reduce injuries related to car crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

6. Watching for pedestrians and cyclists

General rules of the road say to be on the lookout for people who are walking and biking. This is especially important when you’re pulling over for a dropoff or pickup, and when you're driving at night.

7. Keeping your dropoffs legal

Knowing local laws about where you can drop off riders can help when you encounter loading zones, parked vehicles, and more.

8. Following your intuition

Confía en tus instintos y en la experiencia, y usa tu mejor criterio al conducir con la app de Uber. Si en algún momento sientes que estás en una emergencia, usa el botón disponible en la app para obtener ayuda urgente. Y recuerda que puedes finalizar el viaje en cualquier momento si no te sientes seguro.

9. Being kind and respectful

Nuestras Guías comunitarias se elaboraron para ayudar a que cada experiencia sea segura, respetuosa y positiva. Depende de nosotros seguir estas normas para poder colaborar en la creación de una comunidad segura y agradable.

10. Giving us feedback

After each trip, you have the opportunity to rate your rider from 1 to 5 stars and add your comments through the Help section in your app. Our 24/7 response team will review the incident.

And remember, on every trip you can tap the shield icon in the app to access Uber’s Safety Toolkit and get help whenever you need it.

Trabajamos para que los viajes sean más seguros para todos

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*Si, por algún motivo, la función dejara de ejecutarse, es posible que los números de teléfono no se anonimicen.