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Driver Abstract

Frequently asked questions

To become a driver, you'll need to add your 3-year Personal Driver Abstract to your Uber profile. Learn what a Driver Abstract is and how to order one here.

Know before you go

What is a Driver Abstract

Your driver abstract is a summary of your driving record. It includes your merit and demerit points, convictions and suspensions. You can order your personal driver abstract at your nearest registry location.


  • Your driver abstract must be for a 3 or more year period and have been obtained within the last 30 days.

  • You cannot have a single major conviction on your abstract, and no more than 3 minor convictions

  • You cannot have licence suspensions or any failure to produce insurance convictions

  • Merit courses have no impact on abstract eligibiity

Please obtain your 3-year personal driver's abstract from any Alberta registry and bring it to the Calgary Greenlight Hub with 2 pieces of identification.


How to get a Driver Abstract

1. Visit your nearest registry

Your nearest Service Alberta registry can provide your Driver Abstract. You'll need to bring an accepted form of ID along with you.

2. Fill out application

Bring your application to a Service Alberta registry agent. Wait to sign and date your form in front of the registry agent clerk.

3. Upload your document

Once you receive your Driver Abstract, upload it through the Driver App or upload your documents to the link below

Driver Abstract

Frequently asked questions

1. Where can I get my Driver Abstract?

  • All Service Alberta registries in Alberta should be equipped to provide your abstract.


2. How much does it cost to order a Driver Abstract?

  • The cost may vary, but typically you can expect it to cost around $25.

3. How long does it take to get a Driver Abstract?

  • Once you go to a registry and ask for your abstract, you should receive it shortly after payment while you are there.

4. How many years worth of history must I provide?

  • Uber requires you to provide 3 or more years of driving history.

5. Is it possible to have 4 demerit points and still drive for Uber?

  • Yes, as long as those 4 demerit points were not the result of one single incident, and the total demerit points on your abstract does not exceed 4.
  • Merit courses will have no effect on 4 demerit point convictions or on the overall number of convictions listed

6. What might cause me to fail the requirements?

  • A major conviction (4 demerit points or more)
  • A failure to produce insurance conviction will cause you to not pass requirements
  • You also need to have no licence suspensions

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