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Uber offers many affordable options

Ride for less

Cost is a major factor in determining when and how you ride. We’re doing all we can to make our pricing as transparent as possible. You’ll always know how much you’ll pay, and we’re introducing ways to help your wallet, too.


Carpooling made easy

uberPOOL connects you to other riders headed in the same direction. If uberX doesn’t fit your budget, uberPOOL will. The prices are always lower. Sit back, and we’ll match you with people going your way.

Preço definido

Know before you ride

With upfront pricing, you’ll see exactly how much your ride will cost, even when demand is high. Enter your destination and see the price before you request a ride. You’ll never be surprised by a receipt again.

Divisão de valor

Share the cost with friends

Don’t worry about doing the math later—split the cost evenly while you’re still on the ride. Enter the phone numbers of the other riders into your app, and they’ll get a notification to split the fare with you.