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Get a license in Brazil

To drive with Uber, it is necessary for you to add the annotation "Exerce Atividade Remunerada" (Engages in Remunerated Activity) to your permanent driver's license.

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How to do it

1. Request from Detran

Contact Detran to inquire about the process of adding the annotation "Exerce Atividade Remunerada" to your driver's license.

2. Take the exams and pay the fees

You will need to undergo examinations and pay fees associated with this change.

3. Wait for the process to be completed

Once approved and the fees are paid, you will receive your new driver's license in a few days, allowing you to proceed with your Uber registration.

The requirements may vary from city to city.

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Step by step

  • Schedule the psychotechnical evaluation, a requirement to approve or disapprove the EAR
  • Scheduling can be done online on the DETRAN or Poupatempo website
  • Attend the scheduled location and time, bringing the scheduling protocol, an original photo ID, a copy of the driver's license or ID, and proof of residence.
  • Pay the service fee
  • Undergo the psycho-technical examination at an accredited clinic near Poupatempo if approved, return to Poupatempo with the result and wait for the issuance of your new driver's license¹
  • You must pay a fee - the payment method depends a bit on the accredited clinic, although many accept cards, it's safer to bring cash to avoid any inconvenience


¹ This process may take a few days, so you will return to Poupatempo once again on a newly scheduled date to collect the document now with the EAR annotation

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The information provided on this web page is intended for informational purposes only and may not be applicable in your country, region, or city. It is subject to change and may be updated without notice.