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What is Uber for Business?

July 27, 2021 / US

Since 2014, Uber for Business has brought the best of Uber’s technology to companies in diverse industries everywhere. More than 150,000 businesses and organizations in 65 countries have benefited from the platform. 

From business travel to corporate meal programs, Uber for Business helps companies achieve more, enjoy more, and experience more at work with solutions for employees, guests, and customers. 

What is Uber for Business? 

Uber for Business is a powerful global platform for managing rides, meals, and local deliveries for companies of any size. Tap directly into our established products—including rides with Uber (with 15 billion cumulative trips) and Uber Eats to order meal delivery (with 700,000 restaurant partners)—all in one place. 

Available in 10,000 cities worldwide, our customizable solutions enable you to effortlessly: 

  • Manage business travel
  • Subsidize employee commutes
  • Provide office meals 
  • Offer event rides and incentives 
  • Organize healthcare rides
  • And much more

Uber for Business is designed to make your life easier with services your employees likely already know and use.

Mobility: Move easily, efficiently, and comfortably

  • Business travel: Request rides to and from airports
  • Subsidized employee commutes: Provide individual or group rides to and from work 
  • Courtesy rides: Organize rides for your clients 
  • Events: Offer rides to and from events

Meals: Feed your customers and guests, anywhere

  • Individual meals: Simplify what to have for lunch with one meal app 
  • Group meals: Fill up on food and morale with team meals
  • Virtual events: Incentivize interest and participation with meal vouchers
Businessman walks while holding his phone and pulling his rolling luggage.

Why use Uber for Business?

Uber for Business is the only global platform of mobility and meal solutions for businesses, and our platform is designed to adapt and grow with your business’s needs. 

The power, reliability, and reach of Uber can help you:

  • Save time and costs on business operations like tracking expenses and budgeting
  • Streamline business travel, meals, and rewards for employees to keep teams motivated and engaged 
  • Offer on-demand or scheduled business rides, meals for delivery, or item delivery to delight employees and guests 
  • Optimize efficiency, visibility, and control for overhead
  • Enhance sales and marketing efforts with rewards and incentives

Uber for Business was developed to fit your daily business needs and meet the diverse requirements of your teams while running from a single platform. But while your teams’ needs might be diverse, your employees already know the many benefits of Uber and Uber Eats, since they were 2020’s top downloaded apps for mobility and meals worldwide—so what’s good for them can also be good for your business. 

How can I use Uber for Business?

Professionals across industries benefit from Uber for Business. Offering ride and meal solutions to your people can lead to a stronger team culture, higher employee engagement, and increased customer satisfaction, among other advantages.

With Uber for Business’s intuitive dashboard, you can create a variety of customized programs in one platform. 

If you’re an HR manager

  • Start and contribute to a commute program for employees
  • Create a meal program for team lunches to boost morale
  • Cover the cost of meals or rides to reward employee performance 
  • Manage a dinner program

If you’re a travel manager

  • Arrange employee transportation to and from the airport in advance 
  • Track food and transportation expenses for an employee business trip 
  • Set up courtesy rides for conference-bound employees 
  • Establish quarterly food and transportation travel budgets 

If you’re a marketing manager

  • Set up a product launch event and order a meal on Uber Eats 
  • Distribute gift card incentives to help promote a critical marketing campaign
  • Cover the cost of customer rides to and from the showroom for a special unveiling 
  • Arrange for the delivery of promotional items to top influencers

No matter your role or industry, connect with us to learn more about how Uber for Business can support your business goals.

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