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No Trick, All Treat: Halloween Pro Tips + Free Rides

October 26, 2013 / Washington, DC

You don’t need a costume to be an Uber pro this Halloween! Here are our Top 5 Tips to ensure your ride is a treat and not a trick. 🙂

1. Fare split and get a free ride!*

Invite a friend new to Uber, split your fare and you’ll both get $15 off starting today through Sunday (October 25 to November 3).  Here how to get your free ride:

  • Enter the promo code ‘UBERTREATDC’ into the app or under promotions when you log on to your dashboard at

  • Invite a new user to sign up for Uber

  • Request a car and split the fare.

Once your trip is complete, you’ll both earn $15 in Uber credit – enough for a free ride on uberX!

Forgot how to fare split?

2. No Sticker Shock

Halloween is one of the busiest weekends of the year.  So be aware that surge pricing  may be active on uberX, UberBLACK, and UberSUV. As usual, you’ll always be notified in advance if prices are higher than normal. With a group? Don’t forget you can still get an affordable ride. Fare split for the win!

3. Treat Your Driver (and Other Riders) to a Clean Car

Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t want to ride in a car covered in Blue Man Group paint—would you? Neither do your fellow riders. Keeping the glitter and face paint off the seats will help keep more cars on the road.

4. Perfect The Pick-Up

Make sure you and your Uber find one another. Instead of dropping the pin, manually enter your address in the app—this will help the driver find your exact location. Just click on the address at the top of the screen to enter an exact one!

5. Confirm your driver!

After you request, you’ll get your driver’s name, picture, and license plate number. Your driver gets your name, too. When the car rolls up, make sure your driver’s information matches what’s in the app. If it doesn’t, don’t get in!

Most importantly—have fun, that’s what this holiday is for. 🙂 Scare up a good and safe time out there and oooOOOber on!

– Team Uber DC

P.S. Keep any eye out for a treat in the app!

* Up to five rides per user – credits will be issued via email on November 3. Promo code UBERTREATDC must be applied to requester’s account to participate. Email with any questions or concerns!