Uber Elevate – Meet the Team

December 17, 2019 / North America

Shabnam Emdadi – Sr Software Engineer

We believe that Uber’s platform will provide universal access to every type of transportation, creating a future where individual car ownership no longer exists. Elevate’s goal is weaving everyday flight of people and things into the Uber platform. By taking Uber’s tech into the skies we can expand affordable and seamless transportation in cities around the world.

How long have you been at Uber? 

“3 years, 5 months.” 

What attracted you to join the Elevate team?

“I watched the second Uber Elevate summit and was blown away. I joined Uber because I wanted the work I do to make an impact, and the opportunity to be at the forefront of the urban air mobility space was exactly that. I immediately went onto our internal job board to see if there were openings.” 

Describe the team you support to someone outside of Uber?

“Our team is responsible for building all the technology we need to get things up in the air, both drones and passenger carrying vehicles.” 

What excites you about the organization you support? 

“From a bigger picture perspective, we are pioneers in the aerial ridesharing space, and everything we build is from the ground up. As an engineer, being able to build from a blank slate is incredibly exciting and challenging. Ultimately, Elevate’s goal is to leverage Uber’s ride-sharing network to make urban air mobility accessible and to further Uber’s mission of making cities better by decreasing congestion.” 

“I get to work with incredibly smart individuals, who teach me about a world I had no knowledge of before joining the team. The diversity of background on this team is something I have never experienced, they come from regulatory and government backgrounds, the military, and academia.”

What are the biggest challenges you need to solve? 

“1. Building the first multimodal product – in order to realize Elevate’s mission of enabling aerial ridesharing, we have to hook into Uber’s existing ride-sharing network. Adding several more stages, which ultimately translates to more points of failure, to a rider journey and still ensuring the magical experience Uber is known for, is a multifaceted challenge. 2. Government and industry collaboration – we have to collaborate in the space to decide on the technologies that will enable safe airspace operations by many players.”

What are your biggest achievements so far in your Uber career to date? 

“Launching Uber Copter has been both the most challenging and most rewarding thing I have done at Uber. We implemented the very first multimodal product, something that had been on the company’s roadmap for years, in a matter of months with an extremely lean team. Paving the way for future multimodal integrations makes it even more exciting. And the icing on the cake was sharing our engineering path to multimodal at our annual Elevate summit with over a thousand external attendees.” 

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