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Give employees peace of mind with a commute program through Uber

August 24, 2020 / US

Commuting has become one of the least anticipated obstacles for workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, companies are searching for new ways to support their employees, whether that’s easing stress for essential workers or putting new processes in place for those headed back to the office. With Uber, companies can customize commute offerings that do both. 

Bolstering commute offerings 

Companies are seeking out commute options that feel safe as offices and workplaces slowly begin to reopen. In fact, a recent study conducted by Uber1 suggests that many employees are looking for tangible alternatives to public transportation or employer-provided shuttles. 

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) shut down the trading floor at the beginning of the pandemic, making it the first time in history that the physical space has closed while continuing electronic trading. When it cautiously reopened two months later, it wanted a solution for safely getting stock traders back to work. By using Uber to provide access to commute options, the NYSE increased social distancing while improving employee morale and overall productivity. 

“The NYSE trading floor is the heart of our operation. When we reopened this spring, we wanted to give our staff the ability to get safely to work at a time when all the normal commuting options were not available. The Uber for Business program offered a great way for essential employees to travel into lower Manhattan each day.” 

Stacey Cunningham, President
NYSE, New York Stock Exchange

Supporting healthcare workers

Even amidst widespread office closures and remote work, healthcare employees do not have the luxury of staying home. Businesses in this field have turned to Uber to provide access to commute options that offer peace of mind and support the wellbeing of those working tirelessly to provide care. 

Using Uber, Adventist Healthcare created their commute program for its network of providers needing to travel between locations. “Uber has been vital to getting our caregivers between their home to work at our hospitals and other facilities,” said Carlos A. Vargas, VP of Human Resources and Technology. He noted that this also offers greater flexibility for those requiring in-home care. “It’s been so helpful for our team to have access to transportation they find reliable and safe so they can connect with patients during this difficult time,” Vargos added.

As the largest hospital in the Brooklyn area, Maimonides Medical Center also uses Uber to help employees get to work and in between facilities. Finance director Joseph Mazzella explains how this has helped meet the unexpected personnel demand during the pandemic:

“We’ve had to redeploy our medical staff to new roles at a variety of New York City-area locations. Uber allows us to provide seamless transportation to and from our many sites for our essential healthcare workers—ensuring one less worry for the people taking care of patients during this national crisis.” 

Joseph Mazzella, Finance Director
Maimonides Medical Center

PayActiv, a financial wellness platform, was also looking for a way to support its  restaurant, retail, healthcare, and senior care workers. Integrating with the Uber for Business API allowed for seamless ride booking within PayActiv’s own app while helping to eliminate the previous transportation barrier for low-income employees.

“We’re making flexible and reliable transportation available to hourly workers. Our customers can get to their vital jobs at hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores, warehouses, and senior centers through our partnership with Uber.” 

Sohail Aslam, CTO and Cofounder

Looking ahead to commuting during COVID-19

The pandemic continues to present many unknowns as people navigate work in a COVID-19 world. During and beyond these times, Uber is committed to supporting businesses through technology, like our recent partnership with ServiceNow. This new integration into the ServiceNow’s Workplace Safety Management App will allow employees who meet necessary health and safety checks to request a ride, reserve a workspace, or travel to their office. 

We’re on a mission to move the business world forward. With the power of Uber, we can make this possible by enabling organizations to create value for their employees, customers, and guests.

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