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Teaming up with ServiceNow to help businesses plan employee commuting

August 6, 2020 / US

As businesses around the world navigate a pandemic environment, they are faced with the central challenge of planning their return to work strategies and deciding how to best support their employees. Core to these planning efforts—across every corner of the globe—is ensuring that employees will have access to transportation options for their commute to work that are seamless and make safety a priority.

Today, we’re excited to announce our partnership with ServiceNow through an integration with ServiceNow’s Workplace Safety Management app, offered in the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite. With the “Book Uber” feature, employees who meet necessary health and safety checks can unlock the ride booking function, reserve their workspace, and travel into the workplace. 

The ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite is a comprehensive solution that hides the complexity of working across departments, so employees can easily access resources across a variety of internal functions, such as IT, HR, finance, facilities and legal. Now, both employers and employees will be able to have access to Uber for Business’ suite of transportation services to schedule rides to and from work.

“Since the pandemic, ServiceNow has been focused on developing new solutions to prepare for workforce and workplace readiness, including apps for contact tracing, workplace safety management, employee readiness feedback and employee health screening. In discussions with many of our customers, one of their major concerns was supporting their employees’ commute to and from work. We realized that we had a gap in our portfolio, and that’s when we turned to Uber. Uber for Business was the ideal partner to solve this problem and give our customers and their employees peace of mind with creative commuting options.”

Blake McConnell, Senior Vice President of Employee Workflow Products, ServiceNow

Unlocking the power and flexibility of Uber for Business

We’ve built convenient, flexible solutions for all businesses. Our platform is designed to service a wide variety of use cases, and allows for a seamless, scalable, and powerful integration.

Through partnerships with companies such as ServiceNow, we’re able to help businesses easily adapt their transportation services and bring more ease into the commute planning process than ever before. We’re excited to announce this integration, as it will provide a series of meaningful transportation solutions for ServiceNow’s customer base.

Fast, convenient, and reliable transportation options

Employers are increasingly interested in creating commute programs for their employees who are seeking out alternatives to traditional transportation. Uber for Business’ integration into ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace suite gives ServiceNow customers the flexibility to book rides ahead of time for their employees, while simultaneously giving employees the option to schedule their own rides whenever they want. This ultimately allows for a potentially faster, predictable and more convenient commute into work. 

Easier cost management and reporting

Uber for Business provides ServiceNow customers with an efficient solution to manage invoice and payment processes centrally and offers access to clear information on ride-level data in order to bill customers for specific rides or charge internal cost centers. ServiceNow customers will gain critical insights—such as the average time, distance, and location of each employee’s ride—allowing for more streamlined cost reporting, as well as further optimization of staff time and resources. 

During the initial roll-out period, the Uber for Business integration will primarily assist with the transportation of essential workers of ServiceNow customers to and from their workplaces as part of existing employee commuting programs.

Longer term, the integration may expand to also support, for example, meal delivery, as well as deeper, data-driven insights, including real time employee arrival data.

As the Uber for Business and ServiceNow partnership continues to grow, we’re committed to providing new ways for employers to support their employees.

We’re on a mission to move the business world forward. With the power of Uber, we can make this possible by enabling organizations to create value for their employees, customers, and guests.

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