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An elevated experience: Private Jets Inc. uses Uber for Business

July 22, 2021 / US

As a private jet charter company, Private Jets Inc. is constantly working to get its clients from point A to point B. But when its pilots and crew aren’t in the air, Private Jets Inc. trusts the Uber for Business platform for ground transportation options around the world. 

Founded in 1987, Private Jets Inc. is based in Oklahoma City, OK. As a Part 135 charter operator, the company flies corporate and private clients from its 5 hangars across the US to domestic and international destinations. “We’re constantly on the go, since we work on demand,” says Candy Lovin, Director of Charter Operations.

Private Jets Inc. maintains 23 planes and has pilots based all over the United States. “We do a lot of crew swaps, where we fly pilots out in a plane, then swap the crew and send them home,” Lovin says. The company relies on the Uber for Business platform to help move pilots and crews from an airport to their home or a hotel. “Pre-Uber, we were using a rental car or hoping the hotel had a shuttle,” she adds. “Instead of getting a rental car, it’s easy for the crew to get a ride with Uber and get where they need to go.” 

In recent months, the business has seen an influx of customers as travelers want to get back on the road. Private Jets Inc. is expanding throughout the continental US. As they grow, Lovin says, they’ll continue to use Uber for Business to take care of their crews. “As many pilots as we have, as much as we’re overnighting, it just makes sense for them to ride with Uber,” she says. 

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