Ride with Uber to and from Citizens Bank Park

March 29, 2018 / Philadelphia

We’ve teamed up with The Phillies to help bring you closer to every game. Open the app, request, and you’ll have a ride to or from your view of home plate in minutes. Let’s play ball!

Choose a ride

Once you exit Citizens Bank Park, open the Uber app and select your desired vehicle option.  

Select your pickup location

Request when ready. We recommend setting your location a little bit away from the park for a speedier pickup experience.

Game Day Tips

With upfront fares in the app, you’ll always know what you’re paying before you request. No surprises or complicated math—score a home run ride and know the price ahead of time.

Uber Fenway Park

Cover your bases with your crew. Use the fare split tool to split the cost of the ride with friends.

Uber Fenway Park

Confirm your driver’s car model and license plate in the app before you hop in your ride. And if you’re still not sure, you can always text or call your driver.