Phillies Facts: Insider secrets about your favorite team

April 3, 2018 / Philadelphia

Do you know how many Phillies pitchers have had “immaculate innings”? Or what type of grass is in the outfield (hint—it’s different than the infield)? We’ve got you covered so you can impress all of your friends with your Phillies phacts.

1,478″ Screen

That’s how big of a TV The Phillies display system would be considered. In case you’re wondering, that’s big enough to feature 49 life-size Phillie Phanatics standing next to and on top of each other.

The field is below street level

23 feet below street level is where the playing field sits.

Rock and Wrap It Up

That’s where all unsold food goes after games. All prepared food that wasn’t sold or served at the concession stands gets donated to local shelters and soup kitchens.

Kentucky and Bermuda

7,000 square feet of Kentucky Bluegrass covers the infield, and 94,000 square feet of Riviera Bermuda grass is in the outfield and foul territory.

The first team on the radio

The Phillies played in the first game to be heard on the radio back on August 25, 1921. 

The Immaculate Inning

A nine-pitch, three-strikeout half inning is rare, but it’s happened twice for The Phillies. The first time, it was pitcher Andy Ashby in 1991 and the second was Juan Perez in 2011.

One final fun fact: the average cost of an uberX trip home from Citizens Bank Park during the 2017 season was $21.80. Considering you can fit 4 people in a car, that seems like a better steal than 2nd base.