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Pickups at SNA (John Wayne Airport) are moving

September 26, 2018 / Orange County

Starting Monday, October 1, UberX, UberXL, and Select pickups at SNA (John Wayne Airport) are moving to the parking structures on the Departures Level. You can meet your riders for pickup at Level 3 of their terminal’s designated parking structure.

Accessing the pickup locations

The pickup location at SNA Airport depends on which terminal your rider requests a ride from. You can find the designated pickup area on Level 3 of each terminal’s parking structure:

  • You can meet Terminal A riders at Parking Structure A2
  • You can meet Terminal B riders at Parking Structure B2
  • You can meet Terminal C riders at Parking Structure C

In-app instructions and navigation will identify the pickup location selected by the rider.

Each terminal at SNA has its own designated parking structure.
You can access each parking structure from the Departures Level.

Picking up riders

To comply with SNA regulations, once you accept a pickup request:

  • Drive to the Departures Level roadway
  • Follow the in-app instructions and airport signage to enter the parking structure for your rider’s terminal
  • Pull a ticket to enter the parking structure. Any vehicles that pull a ticket and enter the lot are required to pay $1 if in the lot under 30 minutes. (Uber does not pay for or reimburse any parking costs)
  • Park in the designated area for pickups
    • For Parking Structure A2, you can wait at the designated rideshare area by the elevators on Level 3
    • For Parking Structure B2, you can wait at the designated area near the Level 3 exit
    • For Parking Structure C, you can wait at the designated area by the elevators on Level 3
  • Depart through the parking exit lanes on Level 3 for Parking Structures A2 and B2, and on Level 1 for Parking Structure C
  • Insert your ticket and if applicable, pay the $1 to exit.
  • Exit the airport and drop off your rider at their final destination

How to get to your pickup location.

Where to drop off at SNA

Per SNA regulations, you should drop off your riders curbside on the Departures Level. If you get a Re-Match request within 30 seconds after dropping off, you can head directly to the parking structure to pick up your rider.

Pro tips

  • Make sure you have Uber vehicle decals on both windshields, as required by SNA
  • Per SNA regulations, you should only enter the parking structure once you have a pickup request. To receive a pickup request, you can use the waiting area, which is bordered by MacArthur Blvd, I-405, Von Karman Ave, and Route 73
  • Consider contacting your rider before entering the airport to make sure they are ready at the designated pickup location. 

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