Ride Guide: Spring 2018 in New Orleans

April 4, 2018 / New Orleans

Mardi Gras festivities may be over, but you should know—the party never stops in New Orleans.

Whether you’re a longtime local of this beloved port town or you’re here for one of the many events happening in April, you’ll find everything you need to help you get around town right here. Let’s get started.

Meet Zena, jazz artist and driver

We sat down with Zena, a musician and lifelong New Orleans resident, to hear about her passion for music and why she drives with Uber.

New Orleans jazz music festival

The aptly named Birthplace of Jazz wouldn’t be the same without its very own jazz music festival. From blues to jazz to folky rock, nearly half a million people turn out at Fair Grounds Race Course for their listening pleasure.

Where: Fair Grounds Race Course
When: Friday, April 27 – Sunday, May 6

Get to the Fair Grounds Race Course with Uber

The jazz festival begins the weekend of Friday, April 27, and continues the following weekend, from Thursday, May 3, to Sunday, May 6. When you’re ready for the fun, just open your app to request a ride! Your driver will get you to the festivities within minutes.

Pro tip for arriving and departing

Drivers will be prohibited by city ordinance from entering the area in the map below, near the Fair Grounds Race Course. Please keep this prohibited driving zone in mind when connecting with your driver and try contacting your driver to meet in an appropriate area.

Planning to drive for Jazz Fest?

You’ll find a full schedule of events, as well as a map of the festival grounds, here. As we know from years past, ride requests will likely be high following the festival at 7pm, and riders will depend on driver-partners like you to get them to their next weekend destination.

Prohibited driving zone & pickup points around Jazz Fest:

A prohibited driving zone has been put in effect by the City of New Orleans, which will make navigating the fairgrounds different than usual. TNC drivers will be prohibited from entering the above zone surrounding the Fair Grounds Race Course—including for pickups or dropoffs. TNC drivers who enter this prohibited driving zone may be subject to fines, possible vehicle impounding, and/or other enforcement by the City of New Orleans. Please keep this prohibited driving zone in mind when connecting with your riders and be sure to follow the instructions of any law enforcement, traffic officials, and signage.

Please be aware that roads in the prohibited driving zone may not be clearly marked as closed by traffic officials. You should avoid entering the zone even if the roads are not clearly marked as closed. See the City of New Orleans’ official traffic advisory.

Extended Pit Stop hours (bathroom & coffee) at the Greenlight Hub (2520 Bayou Road):

  • Friday, 4/27, 6pm – midnight
  • Saturday, 4/28, 2pm – midnight
  • Sunday, 4/29, noon – midnight
  • Friday, 5/4, 6pm – midnight
  • Saturday, 5/5, 2pm – midnight
  • Sunday, 5/6, noon – midnight

Driver’s Breakfast at the Greenlight Hub (2520 Bayou Road)—beignets and coffee will be provided, while available:

  • 10am until food runs out
  • Friday, 4/27
  • Saturday, 4/28
  • Friday, 5/4
  • Saturday, 5/5

Festival Driver Kits at the Greenlight Hub (2520 Bayou Road)—Drivers will be able to grab festival kits beginning:

  • Thursday, 4/26 until supplies run out
  • French Quarter festival: April 12 - April 15
  • Pro wrestling: April 4 - April 10

We hope you have a great time riding to these events, and more, in New Orleans this spring!