Voodoo Festival Drive Guide

October 19, 2019 / New Orleans

City Park comes to life October 25-27 as hundreds of thousands of live music fans enjoy some of the biggest acts around. The gates open at 12pm each day and the last act ends at 11pm, but riders will be looking for rides long after that. Make the most of your time on the road and help us guide you to earning this weekend.

Picking up and dropping off at Voodoo

With a dedicated Uber Zone, navigating Voodoo Festival will be a breeze. To help make sure it’s a smooth process, Uber crew will be available at the lot to answer any questions.

How to enter and exit the Uber lot:

  • EnteEnter City Park at Dreyfous Dr via Anseman Ave.
  • Enter the lot on Dreyfous Dr, the south side of the lot, near Morning Call.
  • When entering the lot, follow instructions by traffic attendants to pull into one of the pickup lanes.
  • Once you get a request, text your rider your lane number so that they can find you.
  • After you pick up your rider, exit the lot by turning left onto Victory Ave.

Peak times to drive

  • 12-4pm in the city as riders head to the festival
  • 8pm-2am at City Park as the festival gates close.

Pro tips for driving with Uber during Voodoo

  • Uber Navigation will provide the best navigation experience around the festival grounds—routing you to the Uber Zone at City Park.
    • Go to Account > Settings > Navigation, and select Uber
  • Stay safe with these 7 tips. We consulted drivers, law enforcement officials, and road safety experts to develop 7 safety tips for you.  
  • Try Share My Trip. You can now share your whereabouts and trip status with friends and family, all right from the app in this new feature.
  • Drive with confidence. You deserve to be able to go wherever the opportunity is. Get there with customer support on the road and technology that helps protect you and those around you.

Thanks for riding and driving with Uber. We’re happy to be a part of Voodoo Fest.