Driver Announcements

Driving with Uber at the jazz festival

April 24, 2019 / New Orleans

Lots of riders are expected to be looking for rides to and from the fair grounds April 26 – May 5, 2019 as the jazz festival returns to New Orleans with daily festivities.

Picking up riders

We expect many riders to be requesting rides from the following suggested areas, especially between 5pm and 10pm:

  • West: Carrollton Ave & Lelong Dr
  • North: Gentilly Blvd & St Bernard Ave
  • East: Broad St & St Bernard Ave
  • South: Broad St & Ursulines Ave

To confirm your rider’s location upon receiving a request in the festival area, you can contact them through the Uber app.

Per New Orleans regulation, pickups and dropoffs are not allowed on the festival grounds or in the surrounding residential neighborhoods. Due to this regulation, partners must exit these restricted areas to continue receiving pickup and dropoff requests. Driver-partners trying to access the restricted area will be subject to citations.

For more information on regulations and restrictions, you can view Page 1 and Page 2 of the rideshare traffic notice provided by the City of New Orleans.

Picking up and dropping off at the jazz festival

Proceeding with caution in the festival area can help you navigate an expected high volume of pedestrian foot traffic. Please remember to:

  • Pull up to an open curb to pick up and drop off riders
  • Confirm your rider’s name to ensure that the person getting into your vehicle is the one who requested the ride
  • Follow signs, message boards, and traffic staff instructions near the event
  • Use Uber navigation for up-to-date road closure and routing information

Opportunities to earn more

Incentives are expected to be updated in the Uber app a few days before the event. You can check back regularly to learn about special promotions that may help you earn more during the festival.