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Introducing the new American Express Corporate Card and Uber Rewards benefit

December 2, 2019 / US

Through Uber’s expanded partnership with American Express, we’re launching a new Uber Rewards benefit for Corporate Green, Gold, and Platinum Card Members. With the benefit, your employees that are signed up for Uber Rewards can earn double their reward points when they use their American Express Corporate Card on their business profile.

We hope this new card benefit, in combination with Uber for Business, will give you a new way to show your employees that they work for a company that values their hard work, and lets them redeem their rewards for personal use.

An Uber for Business account can add additional value to the new American Express and Uber Rewards benefit.

With Uber for Business, you can create an account for your organization and invite your employees to link their accounts with a business profile. Business profiles keep your employees’ business rides separate from their personal, and can help streamline expensing by forwarding receipts to your expense provider. An Uber for Business account lets you invite your employees to create a business profile, and lets you set preferences for how they can ride for business purposes.

So how does the American Express – Uber Rewards benefit work?

To take advantage of these new benefits, your employees must first download the Uber app and set up a business profile. As a travel manager, if you have an Uber for Business account, you can invite them to create a business profile tied to your company by uploading a list of your employees or linking the account to your employee management system and setting up an auto-sync.

Then, your employees have to set their American Express Corporate Card as the method of payment on their business profile. Finally, your employees need to join Uber Rewards from the menu button.

Then, the next time that your employee requests a ride on their business profile and pays with their American Express Corporate Card, they’ll see double reward points reflected in their receipt. That means that instead of earning 1 point per eligible dollar on Uber Pool rides, they’ll get 2. The same goes for UberX rides at 4x (instead of 2x), and 6x points for premium rides (instead of 3x).

So if your employee requests an UberX from the Financial District in San Francisco to SFO airport for $34, they would normally earn 68 reward points with the standard 2x multiplier. But with the 4x multiplier with Amex, they’ll earn a grand total of 136 points. This will go towards the 500 reward points they need to earn a reward for personal use.

American Express Corporate Card Members will also get additional benefits based on the color of their card when they ride using their Corporate Card.

Uber Rewards

What do these personal rewards look like? Once your employee gets 500 reward points, they’ll be able to redeem them from a menu of options, including $5 Uber Cash, $0 Uber Eats delivery fee, and more.

Moreover, as long as your employee has a US-issued American Express Corporate Card, they’ll be able to earn double points when they ride anywhere in the world. That means that they can ride in any of the 700 cities in 65 countries with one Uber app and still get double rewards points. See Uber Rewards Program Terms for details.

Summing up

Using a business profile and an American Express Corporate Card lets your employees take advantage of new Uber Rewards perks. All Corporate Card Members will see double reward points, and Gold and Platinum Card Members will get additional perks.

Uber for Business puts you in control of how your team uses Uber. In the dashboard, you’ll be able to set preferences for how your employees ride on their business profile, and you’ll be able to link up with your expense provider for automatic e-receipt forwarding.

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