Driver Announcements

Spotlight on safety at our third Driver Advisory Forum

July 2, 2019 / US

When it comes to making improvements to the Uber experience, one of the most important perspectives comes from those behind the wheel.

As part of our commitment to building together, this spring we hosted our third Driver Advisory Forum at our headquarters in San Francisco, along with four local forums in cities across the country, to discuss how to help make the platform a safer and better experience for everyone.

At the local events, 68 driver-partners met with employees on our Safety Product team to dive deep on their safety experiences behind the wheel. In San Francisco, 30 driver- and delivery-partners representing 23 cities met with Uber leaders at our headquarters to share feedback about driver safety features and help shape the future of the driver app.

Throughout the events, more than 130 Uber employees were able to better understand your safety experience with Uber and what matters most to you, and now they are taking that feedback and those suggestions back to their teams. Across the national and local forums, we heard some common themes:

Improve safety features

What drivers told us: You’ve noticed new in-app tools built with drivers’ safety in mind, like the Emergency Button, but there is even more we can do to help keep you safe on the road.

What we’re working on: Keep an eye out as we announce and launch new safety features throughout the rest of the year.

Simplify the driver experience

What drivers told us: At times your attention gets pulled toward your phone or tough situations on the road while driving.

What we’re working on: We’re working to create a smoother in-app experience so that you have fewer distractions behind the wheel, like navigating around unsafe pickup locations.

Clarify insurance

What drivers told us: It can be a struggle to find information on insurance coverage.

What we’re working on: We’re improving our communications about insurance so that you can better understand your coverage and how you are protected.

Thanks to the suggestions from these events, we have a clear vision for what we’ll be prioritizing over the coming months to best support your needs behind the wheel. We’re grateful for the partners who took the time to share their open and honest feedback with us at these events, and we want to keep hearing your input as we continue to build together. We will continue hosting feedback events to hear directly from partners, and we look forward to sharing new developments and improvements to the driving experience.