Driver Announcements

Drivers share product feedback with Uber leaders

January 25, 2018 / US

This month, we hosted our first ever Driver Advisory Forum in San Francisco. On January 16, Uber leaders got the chance to meet 35 drivers from across the country and hear directly from them. Discussions focused on a variety of topics about Uber’s products, including earnings, support, and in-app navigation.

Our conversations were both insightful and constructive. The feedback and ideas shared at the forum will help shape our business roadmaps. Here’s a look at how the forum went:

Renewed my faith that the people behind the scenes at Uber really had my interests at heart and it was really cool to see what’s in the pipeline. —Doug, Seattle
Very excited about dedication to safety, rider awareness, and also very excited about what Dara was talking about as far as drivers and what they’re going to be doing in the future. —Jennifer, Connecticut
 Everything went really nice, went well, hospitality was really really great, and actually we had the chance to meet the CEO and he received our message. Happy to be a part of it, so happy to be here in San Francisco. —Amine, Tampa Bay

This is just the beginning. Let’s keep the conversations going. We want to hear from you—always—about how we can improve Uber products to better serve you out on the road.

Please continue sharing your feedback with us directly through the app. Your valuable input will help shape the future of the Uber experience.