Driver Announcements

Building together at our second Driver Advisory Forum

September 20, 2018 / US

Uber is moving forward, committed to improving your experience on the platform, and driver-partners have been helping write the next chapter of the story.

This summer, we hosted a series of Driver Advisory Forums in several locations nationwide. We expanded on the first Driver Advisory Forum in January and held local forums in 8 cities across the country, where we heard great ideas from over 200 partners who attended. In addition to the local forums, from August 14–15, 34 driver and delivery partners from 21 states met with Uber leaders at our headquarters in San Francisco to help prioritize improvements to the driver experience.

“It was truly an eye-opening experience that has me excited for the future.” — Brandon C, Columbus, OH

“The teams working upfront and behind the scenes at Uber made me feel special and showed that they genuinely cared to know what we drivers go through, and that our opinions matter.” — Charlina S, Philadelphia, PA

Throughout the events, more than 175 Uber employees were able to better understand what matters most to you, and are taking the feedback and suggestions back to their teams. Across the national and local forums, we heard some common themes:

  • Make the driving experience smoother. Things like tricky pickups and navigation problems can make driving with Uber stressful. We need to prioritize product features that make your time behind the wheel hassle-free.
  • Recognize drivers who offer top-notch service. You want Uber to acknowledge the time and effort you put into providing quality, comfortable rides to your passengers.
  • You have plenty more to share! Drivers know what works and what doesn’t, and you want more opportunities to engage with Uber staff directly to share your experiences and feedback.

“I assumed that it was going be a PR measure but I was wrong. I could tell by the level of details we covered and the transcriptionists you guys had recording the meeting topics. It really did show that those conversations mattered to you as you continue building the platform.” — Ebrahim F, Portland, ME

We’re committed to taking the feedback we heard to improve the driver experience on both the national and local level. And we want to keep hearing your feedback as we continue to build together. We will continue to host events to hear directly from partners, and always feel free to share feedback with us any time through the app.