Driver Announcements

Driving with Uber at KAABOO Texas

May 1, 2019 / Dallas

Lots of riders are expected to be looking for rides to and from the football stadium in Arlington as KAABOO Texas takes place May 10 – 12, 2019, at the following times:

  • Friday, May 10: 2pm – 2am
  • Saturday, May 11: 1pm – 2am
  • Sunday, May 12: 1pm – 11:30pm

Waiting for requests

We’ve worked with the music festival to provide you with a dedicated Uber zone directly south of the venue, located at Parking Lot 12 on AT&T Way and Cowboys Way.

You may receive requests from riders once you enter the Uber zone, which will automatically place you in the driver queue. Driver-partners will receive requests on a first-come, first-served basis for each vehicle option.

Picking up riders

In the Uber zone there will be lettered lanes. Once you pull into your designated lane, you will be able to share your lane letter with your rider so they will be able to find you. As drivers ahead of you exit the lot, you’ll be able to pull forward in your lane and move ahead in the queue.

Because the Uber zone is located on private property designated for active pickups during KAABOO Texas, unoccupied vehicles may be towed by local authorities.

Remaining online while in the Uber zone will help ensure that you maintain your place in the driver queue. Following parking staff instructions can help you pick up riders safely and efficiently for the duration of the festival.

Getting to the Uber zone

Below are some routes that may help you access Parking Lot 12 and avoid traffic:

  • From I-360 northbound
  • From I-360 southbound
  • From I-30 westbound
  • From I-30 eastbound

Using Uber navigation and following signs, message boards, and traffic staff instructions can help you stay up to date on road closures and routing information as you drive.

Opportunities to earn more

Incentives are expected to be updated in the Uber app a few days before the event. You can check back regularly to learn about special promotions that may help you earn more during the festival.