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Giving the gift of rides with Uber

November 21, 2019 / US

The holiday season is a busy time for most companies. Between end-of-year sales pushes, parties, travel, PTO, and thank-you gifts, you have a lot to think about to help your employees and customers feel appreciated all year.

Let Uber for Business be of assistance. We help organizations move their business at scale. Our dashboard lets you invite employees to create business profiles tied to the company account and gives you control over how they ride for business. 

We also give you tools that let you pay for rides for others, so that your employees, customers, and guests can have more flexibility to ride (or eat) when they choose. Between Uber Vouchers and Uber gift cards, it’s easy to give the gift of a ride or meal with Uber.

Making holiday event travel easy

You and your team are probably trying to plan the perfect holiday party. You may have even already chosen the date and the place. It’s always important to get the right mix of fun and convenience, so that the evening goes as smoothly as possible. But everyone is coming from everywhere, so why not offer a more flexible option to get to and from the venue?

Uber Vouchers give you the tools to cover the cost of getting your employees to and from your party, without the hassle of having to expense each individual ride. By providing a voucher, you’ll be letting them request a ride whenever it’s most convenient for them through their Uber app, and you’ll be able to define usage parameters.

In our dashboard, you can set all the preferences for your vouchers. Determine if you’ll cover the entire cost of a ride or set a certain amount (and they’ll have to cover the rest). You can also limit when the voucher is usable—like only an hour before the party starts and up to an hour after the party ends—and set locations for pickup and dropoff, so you can make sure they’re using them to get to and from the venue.

And in the end, you pay only for the rides that are used, so you don’t have to worry about any difference between the number of invites and attendees. You can set a spending limit, then feel comfortable that you won’t go over budget.

Giving the gift of a ride or delivery

Sometimes you want to give your employees or customers a little more flexibility in how they move between point A to point B, or maybe you just want an easy way to say thank you. Uber gift cards are a great present (or holiday raffle giveaway) for all sorts of employees, and they work for all things Uber, including JUMP bikes and scooters and Uber Eats.

Gift cards work, well, like gift cards—riders can redeem them for Uber Cash, which they can put toward any rides, Eats orders, and JUMP rentals, for business or personal use. They can be helpful when you don’t want to limit how many times your employees or customers can use Uber in one night, to help make sure they can get home. The cards give them one simple way to pay for their rides.

Everyone loves a “free ride,” whether to the airport for holiday travel or just downtown for dinner and a show. You can suggest they upgrade to Uber Comfort or Uber Black on their next ride for a pleasurable evening out to relax with friends and loved ones.

Summing up

No matter how your organization celebrates the holidays with your employees and customers, Uber for Business makes it simple to give them more than a ride. Uber Vouchers are perfect for moving your team to and from events or giving them a stipend for when they’re in town for the holiday party at headquarters. With Uber gift cards, you can give your employees a little something extra and let them decide how to use it.

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