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Horatio cares for employees with Uber for Business

June 25, 2021 / US

Horatio co-founder Jared Karson was a student in Business School when he met his co-founders, Jose Herrera and Alex Ross. In a program focused on entrepreneurship, the 3 classmates met with early-stage founders to learn more about their work. They quickly found a common complaint: the founders were having major issues with customer experience, struggling to integrate technology and grow a customer experience team. 

“That’s a big pain point for new businesses trying to gain customers,” Karson says. Enter Horatio. Karson and his partners created an outsourcing firm focused on helping companies grow and scale their support teams, using their own skilled customer experience specialists and best-in-class technology.   

That means that Horatio’s greatest asset is its people. From the beginning, Karson and his team were looking for ways to take care of their employees. “We started using Uber for Business to provide late-night rides home, and then we expanded during COVID-19 to a full commute program,” he says. Recently, they began using Uber Eats to provide food for one-off events and training sessions.  

“We can seamlessly create different programs that give our leaders the access and permissions they need to run their teams and support our clients. We’ll do everything from ordering food to the office to calling a car for a client,” Karson says. “All of those programs are important.”

With teams in New York City and the Dominican Republic, Horatio selected Uber for Business because the platform is available internationally. “We can use it anywhere in the world and it’s the same experience,” Karson says. “The reporting is also something we rely on. We can upload into our expense systems to track the usage and utilization and spend.”

Horatio grew quite a bit during the pandemic. “Brands are realizing how important it is to invest in the customer experience to stay ahead of the competition,” he says. “Our hope is that companies continue to try to use customer experience to differentiate themselves and grow.” 

In the meantime, Horatio will continue to grow with its customers while taking care of its team. “At our core, we’re a client-centric and tech-enabled service business,” says Karson. “Being able to support our clients and provide them with amazing teams who love their brands—that motivates me on a daily basis.”

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