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We’re committed to our driver-partners

November 3, 2017 / Alaska

Here are just a few of the ways we’re supporting, recognizing, and empowering the thousands of local driver-partners who keep our cities moving.

180 Days of Change

For 180 days in 2017 (and beyond), we’re making meaningful changes to the driving experience of our partners based on their feedback. From tipping to POOL pickup fares and 24/7 phone support, we’re improving drivers’ earning power to help them make the most of their time on the road.


Peer advisor program

Uber driver-partners in the Seattle area are getting connected through the Peer Advisor Program, an effort that gives partners an opportunity to tap into the knowledge of highly-rated peers and pass along feedback to the local Uber operations team. To date, we’ve taken action on numerous suggestions from the Peer Advisor network. Partners are encouraged to learn more and sign up.


Empowerment programs

With the rise of the sharing economy, people now have more freedom and flexibility than ever to have the opportunity to earn a living wage. We provide programming and support to partners who are interested in going back to school, changing career paths, or growing a small business while they drive with Uber.

In Seattle we’ve partnered with Tabor 100 and the Ada Developers Academy to connect women in our driver community with career-building resources. And in Portland, we’ve provided entrepreneurship and small business support through UberEntrepreneur.

In addition we’ve teamed up with the South Seattle College Foundation to created a special scholarship program eligible to drivers and their families for up to 3 quarters of pre-paid tuition.


Appreciation and recognition

Each year we host dozens of events to show appreciation for our partners. From exclusive film screenings to VIP activities with professional sports teams, we offer a variety of ways for drivers to come together as a community.

In addition, riders can say thank you to their drivers with All Star Compliments, a new in-app feature. Each submission enters drivers for the chance to win a memorable experience with friends and family.