7 recipes guaranteed to wow your friends this Labor Day weekend

August 30, 2017 / US

Labor Day is a chance for everyone to enjoy one last dose of summer before Fall comes calling. There’s no better way to celebrate a day free from work than by meeting up with friends and spending time outside by the barbecue. Since you don’t want to be the person that shows up empty handed, we’ve put together a list of tasty offerings that will be a hit with the crowd no matter how you spend your Labor Day Weekend.  


Summer BBQ recipes for Labor Day


1. Kick back with a Texas Margarita

Nothing goes better with a day off from work than a tasty beverage in hand. Michael Holguin, mixologist at Dallas’ Monduel, has a sweet and tart recipe for the perfect Texas-style margarita. WIth traditional flavor notes like lime and orange liqueur, it’s the pineapple juice that will have you celebrating the end of summer in style.

2. Chow down with grilled ranch potatoes

Crispy potato wedges are great. Ranch dressing is great. Crispy potato wedges with ranch dressing all cooked on the barbecue? Sign us up. This easy and delicious recipe combines all the great flavors of summer with the ease of grilling outdoors. Be sure to make enough of these because they’ll go quick.

3. Go old school with a chili corn casserole

At a certain point casseroles got a bad rap. Thankfully, this chili corn casserole is here to remind everyone that casseroles are still awesome. This supremely flavorful dish is a great one to prep beforehand so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with one of those Texas Margaritas.

4. Salute the holiday with perfectly fried chicken

Try to imagine an outdoor cookout without fried chicken. Go ahead, we’ll wait. If you throw this crispy, salty, and delicious dish on any picnic table it’s all but guaranteed to be gone within minutes. The best part? It’s a lot easier to make than you think.

5. Go for gourmet grilled cheese

For those looking for a meat-free option, you really can’t go wrong with grilled cheese. With thick slices of crispy, chewy sourdough bubbling with rich sharp cheddar, and the tangy bite of ripe tomatoes, both meat lovers and vegetarians alike will be clamoring for these exquisite sandwiches.

6. Wow the crowd with summer squash ribbon salad

With light and refreshing flavors and all the color summer offers, this dish is sure to be one of your new go-tos. What we really love about it? You can go from scratch to presentation ready in about 15 minutes with this easy and delectable recipe.

7. Satisfy your sweet tooth with a cherry pie

All barbecue attendees agree—it’s not truly a cookout unless there’s a pie of some sort to round out the spread. And what’s more American than a flaky and delicious cherry pie with vanilla ice cream? Whether it’s a store-bought crust or a truly homemade affair, there won’t be a dirty plate in the house with this at the center of the dessert selection.

Whether you’re toasting to the last days of summer or just simply basking in the glow of a day off from the grind, these barbecue ideas are sure to inspire this Labor Day weekend. With options for every palate, you’ll be sure to find a few new favorites in here for the perfect outdoor fiesta.