4 Uber employees share what inspires them—and how they’re making 2018 their year

January 31, 2018 / US

How to be a goal-getter

We sat down with 4 talented Uber employees—a designer, an engineer, a marketer, and a Greenlight Hub expert—to find out how they stay energized both in and out of the office. Read on for tips you can apply to any goal.

Emile Urbanek, software engineer at Uber.

Emilee Urbanek, Software Engineer

  • Meet Emilee

Noah Raybin, Greenlight Hub Expert at Uber.

Noah Raybin, Greenlight Hub Expert

  • Meet Noah

Annabel Ly, Marketing Manager at Uber.

Annabel Ly, Marketing Manager

  • Meet Annabel

Ojai Mitchell, Product Designer at Uber.

Ojai Mitchell, Product Designer

  • Meet Ojai


Whatever you’re hoping to achieve this year, here’s to an inspiring road ahead. 

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