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4 occasions to use Uber as a college student

October 13, 2016 / US

Uber is here for college students on the go. If you’re trying to round up friends for some weekend game-day action, need a ride back from class after a long day, or just want to pay your parents a visit, there are many ways to use Uber safely, and efficiently.

Finish Line: The Big Game

You can arrive at the big game quickly and hassle-free, requesting uberXL for you and up to five friends. In some cities, the choices are even more convenient and consistent. This season, for instance, Arizona State Sun Devils fans and Aggies at Texas A&M have an official Uber pick-up/drop-off zone. You can even use Uber to share your ETA with tailgater friends to let them know when you’ll be arriving.

If there’s an even bigger game in the plans—like the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta or the College Football Playoff National Championship in Tampa—Uber has special offers planned, including rides with live football action streamed on-board. Of course, you can also skip the stadium altogether and watch the game on a big screen television at your local pub, and use Uber to get you home afterwards.

Safety First: Post-Party Ride

You should always remember to travel safely and understand when it’s not safe to drive. It’s a rule that’s easy to practice—even at 2am when you realize returning to your dorm the same way you came is not a good idea. With Uber, you can choose your ride and set your location. Then track your driver’s arrival and check that the picture matches the person. Better yet, corral some friends who could also use a ride back to campus and use the fare split feature.

Goal: Be On Time for Class

Oops, you overslept, and there’s no way you’re going to make that early morning class with the very strict attendance policy. You can try waiting for the shuttle bus to campus, make a run for it, or drive your own car and circle around the parking lot looking for a space. But an uberXcan get you there quickly, and a cashless transaction means you won’t even have to worry about spending your last few bucks on a ride.

Weekend Goal: Home Sweet Home

If you’ve been missing Mom and Dad and their familiar comfort food, and you want to pay them a visit, the half-hour trip might as well be an eternity, especially if you take public transportation. Luckily, there’s Uber Family Profiles to help you get home, even if you’re short on cash. Mom and Dad can create profiles for you and the rest of the family, and you can simply accept their invitation and start requesting rides. That option is just a click away.

Saved by the Card

No matter where your destination is, paying for trips is easier than ever at many colleges, thanks to partnerships with plenty of campuses that allow students to pay for an Uber ride with their campus card. The campus card is a great way for students to make sure they’re traveling around campus safely—and many universities are participating. Uber offers plenty of excellent options to help busy college students get around town quickly and safely.