Charge a little extra freedom
to your campus card

Pay for rides with the money that’s already loaded onto your campus card. Now you’ll never miss out when those last-minute plans pop up.

You call the shots

Pay for Uber with your campus card and get total control of your trips. So if you hypothetically need a ride to the exam you hypothetically almost slept through, you’re the only one who knows.

Quick pickups

The average wait time is only 6 minutes*, which means that you can quit waiting and start riding. From that new coffee shop to the vintage record store, all of your favorite places are just a tap away.

Know before you go

Stay totally on top of your spending by knowing the cost of your trip before you request.

Connect your card

Get a million trips at your fingertips

Not sure if you can connect your campus card?

Frequently asked questions

How do I register my campus card with Uber?
I don’t see campus cards option in the payments section?
How can I add funds to my card?

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