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3 delightful things to try between trips

September 20, 2016 / US

Part of the reality of being an Uber partner are the waits for your next trip request. But you can use them as an opportunity to a well-deserved break during these quieter times to keep yourself refreshed and ready to roll. Here are some three suggestions that you could do to help pass the time between rides:

Stroll and Explore

You could get out of your car and stretch your legs a bit with a leisurely stroll around a new neighborhood you haven’t visited before. Choose a quiet, residential street where you can breathe deeply, and enjoy a short walk. Focus on the types of homes and the landscaping before you. What architectural details do you like? What plants, flowers, or other garden elements catch your eye? Be sure to chat with the folks out in their yards—you never know where your next ride may come from. Take a walk and enjoy the area. Paying attention to these surroundings can give you great talking points for your riders traveling through.

Listen to Music

With a streaming music subscription on your mobile phone, you never have to listen to music you don’t like again. Park in the shade, kick back, and enjoy listening your favorite music as you wait for your next ride. From EDM to classical to comedy, you can customize channels and explore suggested artists related to your song choices. Hearing music you love can help you relax and lift your spirits, so embrace the positives vibes you have available at your fingertips.

Visit a Library

For a “novel” approach to quiet time, you could go somewhere even quieter, like the local library. While often overlooked in the digital age, libraries are a wonderful and free resource. If you live in a big city, the libraries tend to be in beautiful, older buildings with museum-like rooms that fuel the imagination. In smaller towns, simpler libraries can evoke a calming feeling that only quaintness can invigorate.

Aside from browsing book collections, many libraries also offer free computers and wifi at no charge, audiobooks, magazines, DVDs, and CDs. Many libraries also offer a lineup of entertainment that includes special events, workshops, and activities that’ll boost the downtime of your next break.