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Get a license in Australia

在西澳大利亚州使用优步车主段的合作车主必须持有载客服务驾驶员 (PTD) 许可、3F 机动车伤害保险 (3F Motor Injury Insurance) 和客运车辆 (PTV) 按需包租 (OD-C) 许可。要满足西澳大利亚州的监管要求,请按以下步骤操作。


  • 1. Apply for a Passenger Transport Driver (PTD) authorisation

    Before you can submit your application, you’ll need to pass a medical assessment and criminal background check. For more information on how to prepare for and submit your Passenger Transport Driver (PTD) authorisation application, review the Steps in Detail section below

  • 2. Get a Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV OD-C) authorisation and 3F MII

    The Department of Transport requires individuals using the Uber Driver app in Western Australia to hold a Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) authorisation with an On-demand Charter (OD-C) category. You will also need to upgrade to 3F Motor Injury Insurance (MII) on your vehicle’s registration, which you can do when you apply for the PTV OD-C authorisation online via DoTDirect.

  • 3. Order a sticker

    Get an Uber sticker if you haven’t already. Please ensure that the sticker is applied to your rear windshield whenever you drive using the Uber Driver app.


The requirements may vary from city to city.

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Transport Licence Code

To comply with new regulations and drive using the Uber driver app, you will be required to get a Passenger Transport Licence Code added to your NSW driver’s licence.

Apply for a Passenger Transport Licence Code

If you’re happy for Uber to submit a PTLC application to the RMS on your behalf along with a copy of your driver’s licence, simply complete the online form.

  • Before you visit a local Department of Transport Centre to apply for a Passenger Transport Driver (PTD) authorisation, you'll need to complete a few steps.

    • Get a medical assessment
    • Lodge a background check
  • In order to drive using the Uber app, you'll need to complete a fitness to drive assessment. Uber has partnered with Jobfit to provide medical assessments. For locations and booking information, use the link below.

    Alternatively, most GPs should be able to provide this service.

    Important: Be sure to read the medical assessment instructions beforehand, and take the medical assessment certificate form with you to your appointment.

  • As part of the signup process, driver-partners are required to pass a criminal background check through the National Crime Check (NCC). This can be done online and is usually processed within 14 days.

    You will receive a confirmation email and a copy of your results once your background check has been processed. No action is required from you after lodging - NCC will supply a copy of your results to Uber. More information

  • 请完成背景调查并填写体检证明,然后通过 DoT Direct 账号在线申请。申请处理完毕后,请将载客服务驾驶员 (PTD) 资格认证上传至您的合作车主账号。

    取得载客服务驾驶员 (PTD) 资格认证后,请将其上传到您的优步账号。

  • 作为注册流程的一部分,您需要证明您有权在澳大利亚工作。我们将根据您在注册过程中提供给优步的主要身份证件进行 VEVO 调查。

    如果您持有以下证件之一,则不需要接受 VEVO 调查。

    • 澳大利亚护照
    • 澳大利亚出生证明
    • 澳大利亚公民身份证明

    如果您没有上述证件,则需要接受 VEVO 调查。要完成调查,您需要提供以下证件之一:

    • 移民卡
    • 国际护照
    • 难民护照


    请勿提供签证或 VEVO 调查结果副本,优步将直接获取澳大利亚无犯罪证明调查结果。

  • 合作车主必须完成消费税登记并提供澳大利亚商业号码 (ABN),才能使用优步车主端。您可以通过澳大利亚税务局 (ATO) 的网站完成消费税登记。您也可以使用 AirTax 等免费的登记服务。

    您可以在合作车主主页的“发票设置”版块提供 ABN 详细信息,并确认您已完成消费税登记。向下滚动页面,在“澳大利亚商业号码 (ABN)”和“公司/法定名称”字段输入相关信息,然后确认您已完成消费税登记。

  • 在西澳大利亚州,您和优步均应履行相应的法律义务,确保始终提供安全顺畅、舒适温馨的行程。为确保您了解这些义务,您需要先完成合作车主安全培训,然后才能开始使用优步车主端开车接单。您只需不到 30 分钟即可完成培训。您可以登录优步车主端/网站完成合作车主安全培训课程。


  • All vehicles must have a 5-Star ANCAP rating or fall under our vehicle exemption policy to qualify for the Uber platform. Vehicles that do not meet our requirements will not be eligible to receive trip requests, and may be deleted from your account.

    You can find out whether your vehicle has a 5-Star ANCAP rating at

    For more information on our vehicle safety and exemption policies, use the link below.


Get a Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) On-demand Charter (OD-C) authorisation

The Passenger Transport Vehicle (PTV) On-demand Charter (OD-C) allows a vehicle to be used within the on-demand transport industry in Western Australia. It is a regulatory requirement for all rideshare vehicles in the state.

Before you apply:

  • Step 1: Ensure your vehicle registration is valid

A PTV authorisation can only be granted to a vehicle with a valid registration. Ensure any outstanding vehicle registration fees are paid prior to applying for a PTV authorisation.

  • Step 2: Upgrade your vehicle’s Motor Injury Insurance

Prior to applying for a PTV authorisation in the OD-C category, the correct Motor Injury Insurance class must be applied to the nominated vehicle. More information is available on the Motor Injury Insurance page.

  • Step 3: Vehicle inspection

To apply for a PTV authorisation the vehicle must either:

Have had a full inspection in the previous three months prior to application; or Be a new vehicle registered in WA in the last 10 days. The vehicle may be inspected at an Authorised Inspection Station (AIS) upon payment of the appropriate fee.

Ready to apply for the PTV?

Applications for new PTV authorisations can only be made via DoTDirect. A 12 month PTV authorisation will cost $113, with an application fee of $15 per vehicle.

升级至 3F 汽车人身伤害险

通过 DoTDirect 在线申请客运车辆 (PTV) 按需包租 (OD-C) 许可,即可升级 MII。


在申请客运车辆 (PTV) 按需包租 (OD-C) 许可之前,您需要预约经过认证的车辆检测。您可以通过我们的合作伙伴 Redbook Inspect 或任何授权检验站来完成此操作。如需了解更多信息和可订状态,请访问我们的车检页面。

Out of State Driving History

An out of state driving history is required if you have lived interstate and have not held a full New South Wales license for twelve months (please note that some state governments will charge a fee for requesting an interstate driving history).

Uber requires:

  • The first issue date of your Australian drivers licence; and
  • Previous suspensions, DUI’s or other traffic offences

Select your state/territory below to more information:

  • You can request your Victorian driving history from VicRoads online using the link below.

  • You can request your Tasmanian driving history by downloading and completing the ‘Request for Information’ form and sending it to

  • Renewed your QLD license more than 12 months ago?

    You can request a ‘Traffic History’ online. This will show the last time your licence was renewed, as well as any penalties or disqualifications.

    QLD traffic history

    Renewed your QLD licence in the last 12 months?

    Uber will need to determine when you were first issued your licence. There are two ways to do this:

    1. Either request a ‘Licence History' below; or
    2. Provide a photograph of your Queensland licence.
  • You can request your SA driving history using the link below.

  • You can request your ACT driving history by completing the ‘ACT Search of Records’ form and sending it to

  • You must evidence the following if previously driving in Western Australia.

    • Licence First Issue Date

    For the first issue date of their licence you can call 13 11 56 to request the results, which will be emailed to you shortly.

    Alternatively, you can take a photo of both sides of your driver licence to evidence the first issue date.

    • Record of Traffic Infringement Notice

    For disqualifications and penalties, you must download and fill out the 'Record of Traffic Infringement Notices' form.

Ready to submit your Driving History documents?

Before you do, make sure you have the relevant documents ready to submit. To submit your documents, you can email them to


  • Driving History document


  • Traffic History document; and
  • Photo of your QLD Licence OR Licence History document


  • Record of Traffic Infringement Notice; and
  • Licence First Issue Date OR provide a photo of both sides of your WA licence


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