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Support for driver and delivery partners

Uber offers a support package for driver and delivery partners, helping to cover partners should something go wrong while using the Uber app.

Uber is proud to offer partner support insurance, helping cover eligible partners who are in an accident while using the Uber app, with insurance from Chubb Insurance.

Uber also offers counselling, so all drivers and delivery partners can access professional support if something happens while using the app, through an agreement with counselling provider, Converge.

This support package is offered at no additional cost to partners.

You're covered for certain personal injuries



¹ 条款、条件和其他资格标准可能在此适用。

Cover if you can't work

Partner support insurance provides inconvenience compensation in the event that you are accidentally injured while on-trip and a doctor certifies that you are unable to work as a result.²

² Benefit of $150 per day, for up to 30 days. See policy for more details.

What are the key features of cover?




  • 误工费(住院治疗):如果您在行程中发生意外事故后5天内住院,您将获得一次性赔偿。
  • 误工费(人身伤害):如果您在行程中发生事故,且医生认为该事故影响到您的身体状况因而不宜工作,您可获得每日固定金额的赔偿,赔偿期最高为30天。
  • 针对特定伤害的一次性赔偿:如果您因行程期间的事故而遭受某些类型的骨折,您将获得一次性赔偿(金额取决于受伤情况)。
  • 自付费用:报销因行程中事故受伤而产生的某些非医疗费用(如拐杖和交通费)(不包括车辆/自行车相关费用)。
  • 遇袭保障:若在行程期间无端遇袭,并导致人身伤害、报警以及对犯罪者提出警告和/或刑事指控,受保人可获得一次性赔偿
  • 伤残赔偿:因行程中的事故而导致终身残疾,受保人可获得一次性赔偿(金额取决于残疾程度)。
  • 子女保育费:如果您因行程中的事故(请参阅保单详细了解事故认定标准)而导致永久残疾,将报销由注册儿童保育提供机构照料子女的费用(如有必要)。
  • 死亡和丧葬费赔偿:向行程中事故死亡者的受扶养人或继承人一次性支付事故死亡赔偿金,并报销丧葬费用。


Counselling support when you need it

In the unforeseen event that something goes wrong while on app, partners may be eligible for up to three counselling sessions with professional counsellors through our partnership with Converge.

Why is Uber doing this?

Independent work provides flexible earning opportunities and the freedom to work when, where and how you like. While we are proud to be able to offer independent earning opportunities, we also want to be there to support our partners if things go wrong while using the Uber app.

There is no additional cost to you

This support package is offered as part of our commitment to you and the safety of all users. There’s no need to opt in and there is no additional cost to you.


  • 有关保险保障范围的更多信息,请查看保障范围汇总

  • No, this insurance does not provide compulsory third party or motor vehicle insurance, nor is it a substitute for your compulsory third party or motor vehicle insurance. Please contact your insurer, broker or agent should you have any questions regarding your insurance arrangements.

  • “On-trip” means the period from accepting a transportation or delivery request, until 15 minutes after that ride or delivery is completed or cancelled, whichever is earlier (see policy wording for exact cover information).

  • There’s no need to sign up — all eligible partners are automatically covered by the insurance for on-trip accidents from 4pm 30 November 2018, at no additional cost to you.

  • 根据与Rasier Pacific Pty Ltd或Portier Pacific Pty Ltd签订的服务协议,优步合作车主通过优步应用接单派送或载客,如行程中发生事故均享受保险保障(遵守保险政策条款)。您可以在下面查看完整的政策详情和排除条款。

  • Partner support counselling and insurance are available in Australia.

  • If you would like to make a claim for an injury arising from an on-trip incident, report the incident through the app as soon as you can. Uber will respond to you via the app to confirm receipt of the incident and send it through to Chubb Insurance for review. Once Chubb Insurance receives your claim they will contact you within 2 business days via email or phone with further information on how to proceed.

    If you have received your claim number, you can call Chubb Insurance at 1300 722 032 Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm AEST. Limitation periods may apply, please read the policy for more details.

  • If there has been an issue while using the app, like an accident, report this to us through the app at a safe time and our Community Operations team will reach out to discuss the support we can offer.



保险由Chubb Insurance Australia Ltd (ABN 23 001 642 020; AFSL 239687)承保。

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