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Cape Town International (CPT) Airport

Instructions for drivers
Riders at CPT can request Uber when leaving the airport. Learn how to receive these trip requests and cash in on the action.
Rules and regulations

CPT regulations for Uber partners

Per CPT regulations, drivers must adhere to the terms below. Sorry, but Uber will not pay for citations.

  • All ride dropoffs must occur on the departures level
  • All ride pickups must occur from the arrivals level 1
  • Avoid any inappropriate behaviour at the airport or anywhere in the city while online.
Pickups at CPT

How pickup requests work

It's easy to receive trip requests from riders leaving the airport. However, these trips work a little differently than other requests. To receive a trip request at CPT, you need to enter the dedicated staging lot, where you will be placed in line to receive a pickup request from the airport.

Here’s how it works:

  • Drive into the dedicated staging area located at 76 Manhattan Street, Boquinar Industrial Area.
  • You’ll be placed in line for the next pickup—pickups work on a first-in, first-out basis
  • There are only space for 100 vehicles at the airport waiting area. Should you arrive at the parking lot and see that it is full, we recommend leaving the airport
  • Once you receive a request, accept it and pickup your rider on the arrivals level 1 at CPT
  • Remember, you don't need to contact your rider to confirm their end destination as this is already entered in-app

Designated pickup area at CPT

Uber users at CPT who request rides will be instructed to meet you at Level 1 Arrivals —a designated pickup area.

To access this area, please stay in the right lane when entering the airport.

Pre-Match at CPT

In addition to regular requests, we've also launched the Pre-Match feature at CPT! Pre-Match will prompt uberX partners in the waiting area to begin heading towards the airport terminal a few minutes before a request is received. That way, partners can get as close as possible to the terminal before receiving a pickup request, which minimises idle time.

Rides to CPT

How drop-off requests work

Uber is a smart option for travelers heading to their airport. At CPT, simply drop-off riders at their requested terminal on the departures level.

Re-Match at CPT

Don't be surprised when you receive a trip just after you have dropped off a rider at the airport. You have been “Re-Matched”.

If you are lucky enough to do a drop off shortly before a rider requests, you could receive the request without waiting in the queue

To qualify for Re-Match, driver-partners must complete a drop off at the airport and do a loop on the airport road. If you don’t receive a request, you will get an SMS telling you to go to the waiting area to receive a pickup request. If you hang around at the terminal you will not be eligible and will have to return to the airport waiting area or town.

Uber waiting lot [CPT]

Uber partners may wait for ride requests at the designated waiting lot only. You will not receive an airport request outside of this lot (and may be issued a citation).

Enter the staging lot on 97 Manhattan Street, Bonquinar Indurstrial area. Keep in mind that:

  • The lot is "first in, first out"; upon entering the staging line, you will be placed in line for the next trip request
  • There are only space for 100 vehicles at the airport waiting area. Should you arrive at the parking lot and see that it is full, we recommend leaving the airport, as this shows that you could wait up to 4 hours to receive a request.
  • If you leave the staging lot or turn off your app, you will be placed at the back of the line
  • In order to enter into the parking lot, you will need to show the security your Uber Driver app.

Opening hours of waiting lot:

Mon - Fri: 4:30AM - 12AM

Waiting lot terms and conditions

Uber receives many trips from the airport, and we do not wish to spoil the opportunity the airport offers driver-partners.

We ask that you please avoid any inappropriate behaviour at the airport or anywhere in the city while online.

All driver-partners should show respect to the security at the airport as they are there to ensure the area is safe and secure for you and your riders.

If you are asked by the security to move your vehicle, turn off your music, or leave the area, please comply with their requests. If you are asked by the security to identify yourself, you can show them your Uber Partner app. The security are only doing their job and require your assistance to keep the airport safe, and to ensure Uber partners are always welcome to operate from there.

  • NO urinating in public – please use the bathrooms at the GLH (ladies use upstairs toilets)
  • NO littering – please use the bins provided to dispose of your garbage
  • NO washing of vehicles
  • NO violence

Any partner found violating the terms of service will be removed and banned from receiving trips from the airport.

Airport surcharges

Riders fees

Rideshare drivers

This airport charges a $3.15 fee for all TNC pickups and drop-offs. This fee is in addition to the $1.55 booking fee and is charged directly to the rider. Uber coordinates repayment of this fee directly to the airport.

To learn more about these fees and regulations, please reference Port Ordinance 4255 as adopted by the Board of Port Commissioners.

Commercial drivers

Commercial drivers using UberBLACK and UberSUV maintain their own airport permits. Because of this, there is no surcharge added to these premium trips.

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