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Working at Uber in Paris

Paris is a special place for Uber. Not only is it the city that sparked the idea for our business, but the first to launch internationally in 2011. Today, over 200 talented employees are helping to shape the future of urban mobility in one of Europe’s most visited and beautiful cities. Working with us means making your mark on one of the company’s premier innovation centers for new products, marketing campaigns, and programs such as our Advanced Technologies Center.

Teams in Paris

  • Advanced Technologies Center

    Uber's Advanced Technologies Center in Paris (ATCP) is focused on advancing the state of knowledge in digital sciences, and developing advanced technologies that can help make cities smarter, better, and more efficient places to live and work. The center brings together scientists and engineers working on many frontier topics focusing on Uber Elevate's vision of future air transport, including artificial intelligence (E.g. machine learning and optimization), airspace management, sensing & perception, autonomous control, energy management and communication networks.

  • Strategy & Planning

    Supporting Uber’s development in France is no small feat. Strategy & Planning teams work hand in hand with top management to define development priorities for the year and pilot business initiatives.

  • Communications

    Communications teams tell Uber’s story to the media and third parties: whether it’s transforming how we get around town and the lives of people who value independent, flexible work; or cutting congestion in cities by getting more backsides into fewer cars and how our technology is helping restaurants unlock the value of their business. That’s partly about building lasting relationships with the key news outlets and journalists and about being creative in how we tell our story.

  • Policy

    Uber operates in some of the world’s most iconic and complex urban centers. For these reasons, our policy teams partner with local and national policy makers and leaders to ensure cooperation between stakeholders.

  • Marketing

    Driving demand and brand love for a modern technology brand involves an understanding of product, platform, and people. Uber’s French marketing team combines their love of all three in order to produce innovative campaigns that fuel business and brand results.

  • Operations

    Operations teams work on the ground in France in support of Uber B.V. They ensure that the platform runs on the ground locally day in and day out to provide a strong user-experience for all who choose to drive, ride, eat or Jump with Uber.

  • Community Operations

    The Community Operations (CommOps) team is the face of Uber for our global community. We build and run customer service operations for driver-partners, riders, eaters and delivery-partners across multiple lines of business and languages. CommOps enables Uber’s growth by striving to provide world-class customer support experiences.

  • Legal

    Uber is at the forefront of some of the 21st century’s most complex and interesting legal issues. Legal teams on the ground in France work to support business development on matters ranging from contractual and consumer law to mobility legislation and food delivery.


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    Advanced Technologies Center in Paris

    The Advanced Technologies Center in Paris is Uber’s first research and development hub outside of North America and focuses on developing Uber Elevate. Lead by AI specialist François Sillion, the ATCP helps us make our vision of pushing a button and getting a flight on-demand a reality.

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    UberPool is the most affordable way to get around with Uber in Paris. Relaunched in May 2018, the newest version of our ridesharing product was the object of one of our first large scale product marketing campaigns. Hand-in-hand with engineering and operations teams in SF and Amsterdam, the team’s ambition is to continue improving upon UberPool and drive demand for shared mobility options.

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    Stunts have been a key part of Uber’s identity from the beginning, helping us to delight and surprise our users through innovative experiences. UberToys, launched in December 2018, continues that tradition. For three days in Paris, riders and drivers could order a free ride in one of six life-sized toys cars. And in the spirit of true holiday generosity, the stunt benefited charity organizations.

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