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Transit Horizons: Toward a New Model of Public Transportation

Some top forecasts

Some of the topics we’ll share

What the industry is saying

“Uber has played a key role in improving mobility and connecting our residents to public transit here in Pinellas County. Each day we can see the positive impact on-demand services have on our community. Transit Horizons’ insights articulate the advantageous partnership between transit and ridesharing, and we’re excited to see how the partnership will continue to grow and improve the experience for our riders.”

"The vision presented in Uber's Transit Horizon's paper is aligned with what we're trying to achieve at Denver RTD. For our Paratransit customers, this includes increasing on-demand access with equitable, effective, and cost-efficient transportation solutions. We're excited for a future in which more tools and technologies are available to public transit agencies and look forward to collaborating with platforms like Uber to support our goals."

"APTA agrees with Uber that public transportation is undergoing a major transformation due to COVID and the emergence of new mobility technologies. We agree that transit must continue to play a central role in urban mobility networks in order for cities to flourish and prosper."

Looking toward the future of transit