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Weekly rentals as low as $260/week

Rentals come with insurance and basic maintenance. Start earning with rentals from our vehicle partners. Lowest available rates vary by city.

Everything you need

All car options come with insurance, unlimited mileage, basic maintenance, and/or other possible options¹

Flexible returns

Find a car that works with your schedule and keep it for as little or as long as you like¹

Qualify for special incentives

Sign up to drive and rent a car to qualify for possible incentives¹

¹Uber is not responsible for the products or services offered by other companies, or for the terms and conditions (including financial terms) under which those products and services are offered. Drivers renting with a rental partner may qualify for trip surge areas and Uber promotions specific to that rental partner, but except as specified in the Driver app, may not qualify to participate in other promotional offers.

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